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Celebrate 15 years of competitive programming with Code Jam: register today

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Code Jam is back for its 15th year! As Google's largest and most challenging programming competition, Code Jam gives developers a chance to use their favorite programming languages to solve algorithmic puzzles. Our new platform gives you the option to code in the browser, offers server-side code evaluation, and challenges you with interactive problems. Plus, more contestants will advance to Round Two this year. Whether you’re a coding novice or a programming professional, we invite all levels to compete in multiple online rounds for the coveted title of Code Jam Champion and a cash prize of up to $15,000.

Code Jam’s 15-year tradition keeps the world’s best programmers coming back for more. Here’s what you need to know about the competition this year:

The problems. A team of Google engineers meticulously designs our algorithmic puzzles to challenge and inspire contestants year after year. They are no strangers to competitions—most of them were Code Jam competitors before working at Google. Pablo Heiber, a 2005 Finalist and current Google engineer, notes the steep ability curve, “Every year the contestants get significantly stronger and the problems need to play catch up.” For the first time, contestants can look forward to the added complexity of interactive problems in this year’s competition.

The people. The global Code Jam community connects current competitors, former participants, and fans of the competition across Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Facebook. We encourage members to discuss challenging problems and learn from one another. Petr Mitrichev, a 2005 finalist, 2006 winner and current Google engineer explains, “Competitive programming helped me find friends all around the world who share my interests and my values.”  We’re proud of our continuously growing community, welcoming over 60,000 registrants from over 130 countries last year.

The prize. Each year, the top 1,000 contestants receive  limited edition t-shirts. This year we’ll also invite the top 25 finalists to the World Finals in Toronto, Canada for a chance to become the Code Jam Champion and win a cash prize of up to $15,000. Aside from the prizes, Sergio Sancho, 2004 Code Jam Winner and current Google Engineer adds, “Code Jam’s competition space gives you the motivation to improve your programming skills, and a way to actually measure them.” Code Jam pushes you to think quick, test your abilities, and challenge yourself to be the best programmer you can be, whether you end on the leaderboard or not.

Register today. As Tiancheng Lou, 2008-09 Code Jam Champion, advocates, “I really do urge anyone who is interested in coding to compete! It is a great way to learn new skills, improve existing ones, solve challenging problems, get involved in a great community, and have fun.” Check out his advice on how to come out on top in Code Jam and register today.

Start working your way through previous problems to prepare for the Online Qualification round coming Friday, April 6. See you on the scoreboard!

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