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Why .app and .dev are perfect homes for developer tools

Three developers using .app and .dev domains.

Back in the day, I remember when the main game in town was .com, and it was hard to find a short, memorable domain name that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Fast forward to today, and we now have a wealth of descriptive top-level domains (TLDs) available to choose from. Not only do these TLDs offer better availability of high-quality names, they also do a great job of signaling purpose and content. So it’s no surprise the developer community has embraced them.

The Google Registry team showcases some of these developers in their ongoing #MyDomain video series, which highlights real-world examples of websites built on .app, .dev and .page. In these videos, developers share why they chose their domain and offer helpful tips for anyone who might be building their own website. Today, we’re sharing three new #MyDomain videos that feature teams using .dev and .app domain names to host their developer tools.

Netlify offers web hosting and serverless backend services. Learn why they built their website on a .app domain.

Video of Jason Lengtstorf from

Google launched to share best practices, case studies and how-tos for modern web development with the broader developer community.

Video of Rachel Andrew from

Clerk handles user accounts and logins for websites so developers don’t have to. Learn why they built their website on a .dev domain.

Video of Colin Sidoti from

As a developer, security is top of mind every time I create a web app. Fortunately, every .app, .dev and .page domain is automatically HTTPS-only from the moment of creation, which means one less security best practice to worry about when spinning up a new website.

If you’re feeling inspired or working on a new project, you can register your own domain name at, or

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