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Got a minute? Learn tips from Women Techmakers

What, exactly, is the cloud? How can you use tech in creative ways — and how can you actually turn your idea into a product? Those are just some of the topics we’ve talked about in Women Techmakers in 60 Seconds, our YouTube series which we’ve been running for nearly four years now.

Women Techmakers, the group behind this series, highlights women in technology and provides them with the community and resources they need to thrive. And through our series, we give women in the tech world the spotlight — and they teach us a thing or two about the work they do every day. Here are a few highlights from our series.

Black and white photo of a woman smiling with a Noogler hat

Brynn Buonocore on the cloud

When Brynn was a kid, she used to dream of working for a major tech company — but with little to no sales or technical experience, she turned to the internet to teach herself everything she needed to know. It wasn't until a video she posted of a "Day in the Life" at Google went viral that she then realized she could really lean into the platform to make the world of tech more accessible for others.

In her episode, Brynn, a Google Cloud Account Manager, shares a few case studies where cloud technology comes into play in everyday life. Before cloud technology, many businesses relied on owning and maintaining their own data centers, costing them tons of money. Now more people have been moving over to major cloud providers, like Google Cloud, to provide them with efficient use of resources and enhanced security.

A woman with brown hair in a beige blazer pointing to the whiteboard that says “ Women Techmakers in 60 seconds”
A woman with long brown hair wearing a purple shirt with a black leather jacket smiling at the camera

Nikki Polina on product development

Nikki is a user experience (UX) researcher for Google Classroom, and she’s also a content creator and career mentor. Nikki has had a wide range of tech experiences including being a front-end software developer, product manager and UX consultant.

For her episode, Nikki shares the five phases of the product development life cycle and how UX researchers play a role from product concept to post-launch. UX researchers are essential at every stage of the product development cycle, from brainstorming to research to testing.

A woman with long brown hair smiling at the camera with a background that is green and a white board that says “5 phases of the life product development life cycle”
A woman with curly hair with her hands crossed and head tilted smiling at the camera with a pink background

Mattaniah Aytensfsu on tech and visual art

Mattaniah is an artist and engineer working across design, music and technology. Her work combines an appreciation for the limitations of analog mediums while integrating emerging technologies to allow for new creative expression. She currently works as a UX Engineer at the YouTube art department, building creative web-based experiences and tools. In her personal practice, Mattaniah collaborates with music clients to build immersive art installations and live music visuals.

A woman with curly hair and a white button up with a background of a whiteboard that says “ How to draw using the HTML canvas”

For her episode, she shares how to create visual art using web technologies, and how to code creatively by drawing with HTML and JavaScript. She explains creative coding, including how to add a background, fill the color, and draw shapes on an HTML canvas.

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