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Santa Claus is coming to town — and we interviewed him

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It’s 7 degrees below zero when we step off the Polar Express. There’s a slight breeze that feels almost cryogenic and a loud “crunch!” as our boots hit the snow. But the real first impression of Santa’s Village: the warm familiarity of visiting a place you’ve never been, but is exactly as you imagined.

It’s no secret that Google loves celebrating the holiday season. The Google Arts & Culture team have brought us the warmth of the Festival of Lights and the harmony of Kwanzaa; and they’ve taken us from Norway’s Trafalgar Square to the Christmas Lights of London. And of course, there’s Santa Tracker — with a few related easter eggs from the Search team that appear when users around the world search for “Christmas.”

Maybe all the free press is why this year, we’ve been invited to interview Santa. And perfect timing too: According to Google Trends, searches for “Santa Claus” are on their annual rise.

Thanks for having us! Let’s get started: Traditionally, people have been encouraged to write you letters. Any update on how to get in touch with you?

During the month of December, anyone in the world can use Google Assistant to get in touch with me directly. Just say “Hey Google, Call Santa” and we’ll have a chat, and maybe you can help the elves create a holiday song.”

Santa, have you been working on any North Pole launches lately?

A few! You’ve seen the historical depictions of me, but now you can color your own holiday works with Art Coloring Book. And it’s always fun to sing the songs of the season with your family, but you might want to give it some practice with the Blob Opera beforehand — ho, ho, ho!

Santa on Santa

  • Sketch of Santa urging reindeer off a roof

    Urging the reindeer off a roof - 1891. Santa - “Clement Moore’s classic poem works for me because he name-checks the reindeer—giving each the credit they are due. I’ve always been a reindeer populist.”

  • Sketch of Santa driving an early car

    Santa on a Motor Car - 1896. Santa - “Putting me on an early version of the car felt a little performative, to me. Plus, as a lifelong sleigh rider, I’ve been fairly clear about my support for sustainable transportation options.”

  • Image of Santa and angel at Christmas tree

    Christmas tree greeting angel and Santa Claus. Santa - “Here, a 1900 image from the UK has me being escorted into someone’s home by an angel. I’m happy to hang out with anyone, as long as it’s in the positive spirit of giving.”

  • Sketch of Nicolo and the Krampus

    Nicolo & the Krampus - 1905. Santa - “Cmon’, ho-ho-ho, what is this? I understand it’s “art,” but this illustration of Nicolo and the Krampus feels very transactional. Be good, or else! This is absolutely not my vibe.”

  • 1896 board game of the night before Christmas

    Board game: the night before Christmas - 1896. Santa - “I like this one. It says, “Here I come, in peace, bearing presents! It also reflects the fact that I come in through the chimney—when a door would be easier—to show how serious I am about giving!”

  • Picture of Santa at a New York City coffee shop in 1962

    Coffee Break during NYC Christmas season - 1962. Santa - "“I love this—even though I said “No cameras!” It was one of the few live shots taken of me. The only place with warm drinks on par with the North Pole may be Greenwich Village.”

We know people can call you from their Google Assistant…but you seem pretty busy. Is there a good way to check in without bothering you?

It’s never a bother! But all December we’re bringing back our North Pole Newscast. Just ask your Google Assistant “What’s going on at the North Pole?” and check in with Dimplesticks the Elf for reports from Santa's Village.

You’ve been so generous with your time. Any last thoughts?

Santa’s Village is live and everyone is welcome to join in the fun, and see what Mrs. Claus and the elves are up to! But — biggest of all — kids around the world can start following the Santa Tracker on the big night (December 24), and Google Assistant can help. Just ask, "Hey Google, track Santa" or "Hey Google, where is Santa right now?"

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