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Introducing Google's new Academic Research Awards

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On June 27, 2024, Google will open applications for the new Google Academic Research Awards (GARA) program. GARA aims to support groundbreaking foundational and applied research in computing and technology around the world.

Each funding cycle, Google will identify key research areas and invite proposals from academics who are advising students and conducting research in a variety of technologically-focused domains that have societal implications. Selected projects will receive unrestricted gifts up to $150,000 USD, enabling researchers to pursue their innovative ideas and contribute to challenges and opportunities that will benefit the scientific community and society.

In addition to receiving funding, recipients have the opportunity to join a community of practice, and are paired with a Google research sponsor who provides long-term support, mentorship, and acts as a liaison to Google's broader research community. This collaborative approach fosters deeper connections between academia and industry, accelerating innovation and knowledge exchange.

Each cycle, GARA's research areas will evolve to address global challenges. This year, we are inviting proposals in the following areas:

  1. Creating ML benchmarks for climate problems: Developing data-driven solutions for climate action using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), with a focus on robust benchmarks for model evaluation.
  2. Making education equitable, accessible and effective using AI: Improving educational outcomes for all learners through AI, with a focus on equity, inclusivity and research on AI-powered learning systems, teacher empowerment and accessibility tools.
  3. Quantum transduction and networking for scalable computing applications: Advancing distributed quantum computing through research on transduction of superconducting qubits, alternative platforms, and novel applications beyond parallel compute and quantum key distribution.
  4. Society-centered AI: Harnessing AI's transformative potential for societal good through a multi-stakeholder approach, understanding diverse needs, and creating impactful solutions for underserved communities.
  5. Trust & safety: Improving digital safety across the online ecosystem, tackling issues like scams, misinformation, child safety and generative AI through research from various disciplines.
  6. Using Gemini & Google’s open model family to solve systems and infrastructure problems: Leveraging Gemini and Gemma to advance next-generation computing infrastructure, enhancing efficiency, security and sustainability with a focus on machine learning optimization.

Learn more and apply between June 27 — July 17, 2024 at 11:59:59pm AoE (UTC-12). We look forward to reviewing your applications!

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