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The AI Opportunity Fund to build an AI-ready workforce in Asia-Pacific

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In the 25 years since Google was founded, technology has created significant transformations — and perhaps nowhere more so than in Asia-Pacific.

Today, the region is home to a majority of the world’s internet users, and technology shifts — like the rise of smartphones and the mobile economy — have had a bigger impact here than almost anywhere else.

And with AI, we’re on the cusp of the next major shift. Research shows businesses in key Asia-Pacific countries could see up to USD 3 trillion of economic benefits by 2030, if AI-powered products and solutions are fully adopted. What's more, compared with other regions, people across Asia-Pacific view AI with greater optimism and believe it will have a positive impact on the way we work, learn and access information.

AI has the potential to accelerate digital progress and to help solve some of the region’s most pressing challenges. We’re already seeing the positive impact with AI being deployed in Asia’s agriculture, climate and disease detection efforts. But many people feel they are lacking the skills to make the most of this opportunity.

Launching the AI Opportunity Fund: Asia-Pacific

Through the new $15 million AI Opportunity Fund: Asia-Pacific supported by, we will invest in the development of critical AI skills and build confidence among workers and job-seekers, particularly those in underserved communities across the region. This complements our existing digital and AI skilling initiatives in Asia-Pacific, such as AI Essentials for beginners, AI Startup School for entrepreneurs, and Google Cloud AI programs for businesses.

In collaboration with the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN), a network of social investors, and supported by the Asian Development Bank, this fund will seek applications from social impact organizations who can help us reach those most likely to benefit from AI training. AVPN will work with local partners, selected through an open call for proposals, to identify specific AI-related challenges and opportunities for underserved job-seekers and micro and small businesses in the region.

Selected organizations will receive support on AI in their local languages to help them deliver skills training directly to their communities. In addition, cash grants will help remove barriers to learning, such as limited access to educational resources.

Building an AI-ready workforce is essential to unlock Asia's full potential and support organizations that are already actively working to ensure that the benefits of AI can reach more workers. Naina Subberwal Batra

Building on our wider AI for good efforts

We’re proud of our partnerships with organizations across Asia-Pacific to prepare for the age of AI. Investing in skills is central to this — so is supporting programs and encouraging dialogue to ensure this technology is harnessed effectively and responsibly.

In 2024, will invest more than $20 million in AI programs across Asia-Pacific, helping underserved people and organizations make the most of technology in their communities.

Last year, we launched sustainability seed funding to enable innovative projects ranging from carbon reduction to biodiversity protection. will provide a further $2 million this year to help these projects develop AI technical capabilities.

The APAC Sustainability Seed Fund is a landmark initiative catalyzed by AVPN, with support from and Asian Development Bank (ADB) as the strategic and outreach partner, to accelerate sustainability in Asia Pacific.

We’re also extending our grant support for Infoxchange to help them grow their Digital Transformation capacity building program. Through this initiative, participating NGOs across the Asia-Pacific region will have the opportunity to continue to build tech skills and increase the impact of their work with the latest technology to help their local communities.

And through’s Digital Futures Fund, we’re supporting think tanks, nonprofits, and academics to foster dialogue, conduct policy research, and convene diverse sets of stakeholders to explore the opportunities and risks associated with AI across a number of fields.

Equipped with the right tools and expertise, we’re excited to see how people and organizations across Asia-Pacific can make the most of AI to benefit everyone.

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