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Google for Brazil 2024: New AI-powered features, digital training and more

Fabio Coelho, country director for Brazil, stands on the stage with a big green screen behind him that says his name

Today we held the sixth annual Google for Brazil event, where we shared our latest investments and innovations in the country. That included new Android features and Search experiences coming to Brazil, digital skills training efforts and our local economic impact in 2023.

New features and experiences coming to Brazil


At Google I/O, we announced new Android features that use AI to protect people and their data if their smartphone gets stolen. Brazilian user feedback inspired these anti-theft features, and the country will be the first to test them out. Brazilian users will have access to a new theft detection lock, offline device lock and remote lock. To get started, fill out the form at

A mobile screen shows an illustration of a glove-covered hand taking a phone and the controls to activate theft detection lock and offline device lock.

Android uses AI to block a device's screen if it detects sudden movement indicating theft.


Today we also unveiled new Search experiences in Brazil. For example, local users will soon be able to start conversations with companies via text message or WhatsApp on their Business Profile — an entirely new option only available in Brazil. And they can schedule local doctor and beauty appointments directly in Search. Meanwhile, local restaurant owners can scan their menus with AI to create a digital version in seconds, freeing up their time to focus on customers.

A GIF shows how the WhatsApp button on Business Profile works

Users can start WhatsApp conversations with business owners right from the Business Profile.


NotebookLM, a research and writing assistant, is now available in Brazil and in Portuguese. Using Gemini 1.5 Pro, the tool can create summaries, FAQs, study guides and more based on uploaded documents.

AI opportunities

James Manyika, Senior Vice President of Research, Technology & Society, shared his vision for AI and how we’re working with Brazil to tap into this opportunity — including an AI accelerator program to support startups. He reinforced our commitment to developing AI to positively impact society, from everyday tasks to larger societal challenges, like detecting diseases and adapting to climate change.

Royal Hansen, Vice President of Privacy, Safety and Security Engineering, described how we’re using AI to increase the security of products. Gmail’s AI-powered defenses, for instance, automatically block 99.9% of threats from reaching inboxes. To help us continue these important efforts, we're expanding our Privacy, Safety and Security team to Brazil, where we’ll open a second engineering center in 2026.

New digital skills training

Since 2017, we’ve trained more than 3 million people in Brazil in digital skills through Grow with Google. Now we’re launching two new online courses to help Brazilians build in-demand skills: AI Essentials teaches participants how to use generative AI tools (including how to use them responsibly), while the Cybersecurity Career Certificate focuses on cybersecurity analysis and protecting networks, devices, people and data. We’re donating 70,000 Career Certificates scholarships to Centro de Integração Empresa-Escola (CIEE) to support young professionals from the Black, Indigenous and LGBTQ+ communities.

In addition, we’ve launched free online courses focused on generative AI data analysis on our Cloud Skills Boost program. Over the last year and half, more than 45,000 people in Brazil have enrolled in similar programs, available free of charge to university and technical school students. And in partnership with Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Industrial (Senai), we’re developing a new Google Cloud platform that uses AI to analyze students' CVs and connect them with potential professional opportunities.

Our local economic impact

We take pride in helping companies thrive: startups that accelerate in our Google for Startups programs, developers who bring their games to the world through Google Play, companies that connect with more consumers using Google Ads, content creators who give voice to Brazilians on YouTube, and much more.

In 2023, we contributed more than 188 billion reais to the Brazilian economy through our platforms, including Search, Google Ads, AdSense, YouTube, Google Cloud and Google Play. And through the tax incentive law, we invested millions in 21 social projects across 19 states and 143 cities. One of them, from the Vaga Lume Association, will build libraries and train mediators to encourage reading in communities in the Legal Amazon.

All of these announcements build on our commitment to generate positive social, environmental and economic impact in Brazil. And with the latest advancements in AI, we’ll continue innovating alongside the people of Brazil — a country we’ve been lucky to call home for almost 20 years.

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