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Our plans to invest $9.5 billion in the U.S. in 2022

Exterior of our Mayes County data center in Oklahoma.
Our Council Bluffs data center in Iowa

Google’s offices and data centers provide vital anchors to our local communities and help us contribute to their economies. In the U.S., over the past five years, we’ve invested more than $37 billion in our offices and data centers in 26 states, creating over 40,000 full-time jobs. That’s in addition to the more than $40 billion in research and development we invested in the U.S. in 2020 and 2021.

Today we’re announcing plans to invest approximately $9.5 billion in our U.S. offices and data centers in 2022. (Full details of where we’re investing are below.) Along with these investments, we expect to create at least 12,000 new full-time Google jobs by the end of the year, and thousands more among our local suppliers, partners and communities.

Investing in our offices and data centers for the future

It might seem counterintuitive to step up our investment in physical offices even as we embrace more flexibility in how we work. Yet we believe it’s more important than ever to invest in our campuses and that doing so will make for better products, a greater quality of life for our employees, and stronger communities.

Alt Text: Animated map showing the locations of Google offices and data centers and the states where Google plans to invest in 2022.

Our contribution to communities starts with the jobs we create, both directly and indirectly. According to new research published by the Bay Area Council Economic Institute today, creating one job at a high-technology firm generates over four more jobs in the local economy.

At the same time, our investments in data centers will continue to power the digital tools and services that help people and businesses thrive. And as we work towards running our offices and data centers on carbon-free energy 24/7 by 2030, we’re aiming to set new standards for green building design — including pursuing certification through the International Living Future Institute for buildings like our new office in Sunnyvale, California.

Creating jobs and strengthening communities

Today we are also releasing our 2021 Economic Impact Report, which reflects Google’s wider contribution to the economy. The report shows we helped provide $617 billion in economic activity for millions of American businesses, nonprofits, creators, developers and publishers last year. In addition, the Android app economy helped create nearly two million jobs last year, and YouTube’s creative ecosystem supported 394,000 jobs in 2020.

We also continue to help people get the skills they need to succeed in today’s economy, from our role as a founding member of the Michigan Central innovation district in Detroit to our $100 million Google Career Certificates Fund — a new financial model for helping people access education and digital skills.

Where we’re investing in 2022

Here are some more details on where we’ll be investing in 2022.

  • Aerial shot of construction crane at our new Kirkland Urban campus being built in Washington State.

    Construction underway at our new Kirkland Urban campus in Washington State.

  • Aerial shot of our Nebraska data center facility in Papillion.

    Investing in our Nebraska data center presence.

  • Rendering of people eating and congregating in the evening outside our proposed Downtown West mixed-use buildings in San Jose, California.

    Continuing progress on our Downtown West mixed-use development plans in San Jose, California.

  • Aerial shot of our data center facility in Loudoun County, Virginia that we’re investing in.

    Continuing to invest in our data centers across Northern Virginia.

  • Waterfront shot against downtown Manhattan skyline of Google’s new Pier 57 office in New York, with a public food hall and community spaces opening in 2022.

    Our new Pier 57 office in New York, with a public food hall and community spaces opening in 2022.

  • Exterior wall of our Mayes County data center complex in Oklahoma that we’re investing in.

    Investing in our Mayes County data center in Oklahoma.

South Region

In Georgia, we’re opening our new Atlanta office this year and continuing to invest in our data center in Douglas County. In Texas, we’re also making progress on our new downtown Austin office, which is currently under construction, and continuing to invest in our Midlothian data center. And we’re continuing to invest in our data centers in Tennessee, Virginia and Oklahoma.

Midwest Region

We’re continuing to invest in our data centers in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and in Nebraska.

East Region

We continue to invest in our long-term office presence in New York, and make improvements to our Cambridge and Pittsburgh campuses.

Central Region

We’re continuing to build out our campus in Boulder.

West Region

In California, we’ll continue to invest in our offices and support affordable housing initiatives in the Bay Area as part of our $1 billion housing commitment. Elsewhere on the West Coast, we’ve opened a new office in downtown Portland, and we’re continuing to invest in our data center in The Dalles. We’re also investing in our Kirkland and Seattle campuses in Washington State. In Nevada, our data center in Storey County is now operational, with plans to expand it, and we’re investing more in our Henderson facility, too.

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