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Sculpt, sketch and see the world in new cultural games

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Creating new and engaging ways for you to learn about the world's art, culture, and history has always been the focus of the creative coders and artists in residence at the Google Arts & Culture Lab. Play can be an incredible vehicle for learning which is why in 2021 the team launched “Play with Arts & Culture”, a series of puzzle and trivia games that made it fun to discover and learn about cultural treasures from our partners’ collections. Today, you are invited to try four new games which will challenge you to learn through play. Simply visit or press the Play tab (it looks like this 🎮) within the Google Arts & Culture app for Android and iOS .

An artwork presented next to a map

Test your knowledge on the origins of artworks and artifacts in Geo Artwork

Geo Artwork

Can you place the Taj Mahal on a globe? How about guessing where the Mona Lisa was painted? These are the sort of challenges facing you in Geo Artwork. This game tests your knowledge of where famous artworks and artifacts originated from and where historic landmarks & cultural sites are located. The closer your guess, the more points you’ll score.

A digital clay pot being shaped

Replicate iconic pots from throughout history in 3D and AR in 3D Pottery

3D Pottery

Try your hand at ‘throwing’ some clay in 3D Pottery as you attempt to recreate historic pots from across the globe. Whether it’s an aryballus from ancient Peru or an amphora from archaic Greece, take on the challenge of sculpting, painting and firing your replica and get scored for your pot’s accuracy. If you’re playing on an Android device, you can even place the potter’s wheel in your own home and try sculpting with Augmented Reality.

A robot hovering next to a drawing of a cat

Put your drawing skills to the test as an AI robot guesses what you're drawing in Guess the Line

Guess the Line

Show off your sketching skills in Guess the Line, a game in which you draw the items described on the cards in front of you, while a machine learning powered robot tries to guess what you're drawing. With prompts ranging from a ‘cubist dog’ to a ‘minimalist tree’ you’re bound to have fun creating masterpieces with your AI partner. Get creative and start drawing now to see how many cards you can collect!

A phone interface showing a conversation between the player and a hotel bellboy

Go on an AI-illustrated adventure across Europe as you search for your penguin friend and answer the question Where is Hopper?

Where is Hopper?

Hopper the Rockhopper penguin has been known to go exploring around the world on Google Arts & Culture. However, this time Hopper has gone missing and it’s your job to find him! In Where is Hopper you’ll explore culturally-rich European cities and discover AI-generated art as you search for your mischievous penguin friend. Along the way you’ll learn about historic landmarks, discover cultural cuisine and meet interesting characters while you solve the mystery of Where is Hopper?

Set your personal best score

All four of these games will let you earn and save High Scores. If you’re logged in to Google Arts & Culture, your best score for each game will be automatically saved and synced across your devices and displayed on the Play page so you never lose track of your personal best. When you beat your record, a congratulatory notification will let you share your high score with friends and challenge them to do better.

We hope you’ll have a lot of fun discovering Arts & Culture through our latest collection of games and learn something interesting along the way. Get playing and start setting your high scores today at or in the Play tab (it looks like this 🎮) on the Google Arts & Culture app for Android and iOS.

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