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Diversity and Inclusion Celebrating and honoring the Muslim community

The author as a child, dressed up for Eid. She is holding a doll and wearing a fancy dress with a full skirt that is fanned out around her.
The author as a child, dressed up for Eid.

One Eid, about a decade ago, my parents shared an invaluable lesson with me: “Whatever you share with others, if given in good faith, will never be redacted from your possessions.” Carrying on an Abrahamic tradition, my parents taught me that Eid Al-Adha — a Muslim holiday that falls on July 10 this year — is just as much an annual celebration as it is an annual reminder of personal sacrifice and communal responsibility.

This year, I’m most excited about giving thanks through prayer alongside 1.9 billion fellow Muslims around the world. I plan to use that time to reflect and renew my intention to enrich the lives of others through sacrifice — of money, time and resources. And there’s no reason why non-Muslims can’t join in these celebrations of reflection and giving.

That’s why I was happy to learn about — a comprehensive and friendly resource by Yaqeen Institute, a nonprofit organization that produces Islamic research in creative ways. When the .day top-level domain first launched, the Google Registry team worked with Yaqeen Institute to help them register and These resources provide a look into key Islamic holidays, their significance, how they’re traditionally observed and the differences between them (like the differences between Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha).

So this Eid, I hope you’ll take a moment to visit to learn about the array of traditions, stories and celebrations that beautifully intertwine the Muslim community. Even small gestures like an “Eid Mubarak” email, can go a long way in connecting with a Muslim colleague or friend. By bringing awareness to these traditions, I hope we can inch closer to welcoming, celebrating and uplifting the Muslim narrative globally.

From me and our Google team, Eid Mubarak!

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