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12 women founders talk tech in Founded’s fourth season

Two women sitting opposite each other, smiling, on a film set with blue lighting.

Women's entrepreneurship is rising — but women still own only one in three businesses globally. They also continue to get a small piece of the venture capital "pie”: Startups with all-women founders accounted for only 6.9% of deals during the first half of 2022, which marked a decade high.

At Women Techmakers, our goal is to build a world where all women can thrive in tech, providing visibility, community and resources for women in technology — and this includes women founders.

In 2020, to spotlight the voices of women founders globally, we launched Founded, a podcast interviewing women tech entrepreneurs around the world. This fall, we're bringing back Founded, but with a twist. We've made the move to video, and each episode will feature two women founders interviewing each other and talking about their experiences as founders and the challenges they faced along the way — everything from funding to managing technical teams.

Founded is not just about businesses but the passionate women behind them. The fourth season showcases 12 extraordinary founders from eight different countries. The first episode features Min Chen, Co-founder and CEO of Wisy — a California-based AI platform that helps retailers track inventory, using image recognition to detect when items need restocking. She’ll speak with Courtney McColgan, Founder and CEO of Runa, a Mexico-based company that provides software to automate payroll in Latin America.

On the left, a woman sits against a black background and smiles at the camera, leaning on her right hand. On the right, a woman wearing a white top and a gold necklace stands in front of a white background, looking into the camera and smiling.

Min Chen, Co-founder and CEO of Wisy (left) and Courtney McColgan, Founder and CEO of Runa (right)

Meet the other founders featured this season:

  • A headshot of a woman wearing a white shirt looking at the camera and smiling. The background is out of focus.

    Kasia Dorsey, Founder and CEO, Yosh.AI (Warsaw, Poland) — provides AI-powered voice and text agents to support customer service operations.

  • A headshot of a woman wearing a black shirt with a silver necklace smiling at the camera.

    Sasha Haco, Co-founder and CEO, Unitary (Cambridge, United Kingdom) — uses AI to help companies detect harmful content.

  • A woman wearing a pink top with a black cardigan stands in front of a window and smiles for the camera.

    SaLisa L. Berrien, Founder and CEO, COI Energy (Brooklyn, New York) — a digital energy management platform that eliminates energy waste in buildings and repurposes that waste for good.

  • A woman in a white blazer and blue top smiles for the camera. In the background there are flowers and a lamp.

    Georgene Huang, Co-founder and CEO, Fairygodboss (New York, New York) — the largest online career community for women.

  • A woman standing in front of the camera wearing a black shirt. In the background there is a kitchen and a mirror, both are out of focus.

    Maricarmen Herrerías, Co-founder and COO, Casai (Mexico City, Mexico) — a company that provides travelers with premium accommodations.

  • A woman dressed in black is sitting on a stool with her legs crossed. The background shows white walls and white tiled flooring, showing part of a zig-zag patterned rug.

    Melina Cruz, CEO, Homely (Mexico City, Mexico) — a company that connects people with trusted cleaners for home and office spaces.

  • A woman wearing a red top and a silver necklace stands against a white background and smiles at the camera.

    Vivian Nwakah, Founder and CEO, Medsaf (Lagos, Nigeria) — a medication supply chain management solution for hospitals and pharmacies.

  • A headshot of a woman wearing glasses and a black jacket smiling at the camera.

    Melissa Bime, Co-founder and CEO, Infiuss Health (Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria) — a company that connects U.S. and Europe-based pharmaceutical and life science companies and researchers with participants for clinical trials and research in Africa.

  • A headshot of a woman leaning on a table wearing a tan-colored jacket and smiling at the camera.

    Teresa Condicion, Co-founder and CEO, Shoplinks (Singapore) — digitizing and personalizing in-store promotions for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).

  • A woman wearing a white shirt and black trousers sits against a gray background with her hands crossed on her lap.

    Hyemin Lee, Co-founder and CEO, Finda (Seoul, South Korea) — an online comparison platform for various financial products.

The first episode will launch on September 26 — keep an eye out for it on the Women Techmakers YouTube channel.

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