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Calling all AI cybersecurity startups — in Europe and, now, the U.S.

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Last year, we launched our first Google for Startups Growth Academy program for the founders of 15 European cybersecurity startups, providing them with Google’s best security tools, practices and connections. From securing health apps to defending educators to anonymizing sensitive data, we’ve helped enable these companies to make important contributions in the region and beyond, in line with our aim to secure the European digital space.

Today, we are announcing another Google for Startups Growth Academy: AI for Cybersecurity program. And this year we’re opening it for top startups in both Europe and the U.S. Applications are now open.

  • Picture of Philippe Humeau, Co-founder at CrowdSec

    “Talking to some of the worldwide leaders in cybersecurity from VirusTotal or Mandiant is very useful. We have access to mentors who have an incredible track record in the industry and such a value can’t be quantified.” Philippe Humeau, Co-founder at CrowdSec (France), and participant in this year's cybersecurity cohort.

  • A picture of Sarah Hague, Co-founder at BlackDice

    “The Growth Academy program helped us in many ways. The power of being a part of this startup community, sharing and learning from other founders, is a fantastic experience.” Sarah Hague, Co-founder at BlackDice (Spain/UK)), and participant in this year's cybersecurity cohort.

  • A picture of Yosra Jarraya, Co-founder at ASTRAN

    “We had very productive mentoring sessions with our mentor. She helped us design our Go-to-Market strategy in the U.S. and her sharp vision is helping us challenge our assumptions.” Yosra Jarraya, Co-founder at ASTRAN (France), and participant in this year's cybersecurity cohort.

AI is reshaping nearly every industry — and cybersecurity is no exception. The global market for AI-based cybersecurity products was roughly $15 billion in 2021 and will surge to an estimated $135 billion by 2030. But, like with any growing technology, safe adoption is crucial. Google has been using AI for years and is dedicated to sharing our experiences to help the industry safely and responsibly use the technology, just as we’ve committed ourselves to supporting the growing cybersecurity industry.

Accelerating AI cybersecurity growth with the ‘best of Google’

This exclusive three-month program is designed for the most promising startups that are using AI technology to innovate responsibly in cybersecurity. By accelerating their growth with the best of Google, the program will help startups to increase the number of customers, generate more revenue, and internationalize their business.

AI is one of the most powerful tools that startups have at their disposal, and we want to help them innovate responsibly and use this transformational technology to bring meaningful and positive change to people across the world.

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Applications are open through November 12th. We look forward to supporting the next generation of innovators building a more resilient world.

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