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Meet the health startups joining Accelerator: Europe

Google for Startups Accelerator: Europe participants

The pandemic accelerated a global movement towards digital health and wellbeing services, and startups across Europe are using technology to solve some of the biggest challenges in this space. This trend is reflected in how investors view this sector: since 2016, the combined value of healthtech startups in Europe increased from €6.8 billion to €35 billion and in 2020 the sector saw a €644m increase in funding.

As more entrepreneurs address the growing need for more accessible healthcare with their technology, we announced a special health and wellbeing-focused edition of Google for Startups Accelerator: Europe earlier this year.

Meet the 15 startups selected for our class

  • Alike Health (Israel): A healthcare solution that taps into the power of medical records by utilizing proprietary AI, crowdsourcing, and big data.

  • BIOTTS (Poland): A company developing proprietary drug delivery technologies and formulas in the fields of diabetology, oncology, and dermatology.

  • Braive (Norway): A psychotherapy platform that gives people access to tools to help tackle life’s challenges.

  • Cuideo (Spain): A home care solution for the elderly, using an advanced matching algorithm to bring together caregivers and users.

  • dermanostic: (Germany): An online dermatology practice where patients can be treated digitally and receive prescriptions via an app.

  • goodsleeper (Poland): A digital self-help solution to treating chronic insomnia, based on scientifically-proven and drug-free methods.

  • Happy Bob (Finland): A personal digital health assistant that reduces the stress of diabetes data overload and helps achieve better glycemic control.

  • Hyperhuman (Romania): An AI-powered platform that helps you transform your video workouts into reusable fitness content.

  • LactApp (Spain): A mobile app that gives new mothers customized expert answers to breastfeeding and maternity questions, powered by AI technology.

  • MedApp (Poland): A startup developing technologies to support diagnostic imaging and next-gen digital medicine, specializing in AI, 3D imaging, and big data analysis.

  • MESI Medical (Slovenia): A diagnostics company developing medical devices and providing clinicians with tools for predictive medical assessment.

  • Mindly (Ukraine): An online marketplace for mental health specialists and their clients. Using tech and AI, they are making psychology accessible to everyone.

  • (Czech Republic): A functional age monitoring system that measures the rate of aging and provides effective lifestyle recommendations to improve patients’ health.

  • Nye Health (United Kingdom): A patient-facing app making it simpler for people to manage their medical data and improve their health.

  • Regimen (Germany): A digital program for erectile dysfunction, fighting the stigma around men’s intimate health.

Google for Startups Accelerator is designed to bring the best of Google's products, people, and technology to startups. In addition to mentorship and technical project support, the program also includes workshops focused on product design, customer acquisition, and leadership development for founders. 

Key challenges, according to the founders

It’s important for startups to have specific goals for the program, so we talked to founders about the biggest challenges they hope to tackle with Google support. 


MedApp wants to expand internationally. Krzysztof Mędrala, MedApp’s CEO, hopes that mentorship will help support in “scaling the business to other countries and optimizing the development process, covering all activities related to its introduction to the market such as marketing and communication with new business partners, investors and key opinion leaders.”

Krzysztof Mędrala, MedApp’s CEO

Krzysztof Mędrala, MedApp’s CEO


Biotts’ CEO, Paweł Biernat, is bringing a leadership focus to Accelerator, with a view to “introducing effective management methods for fast-growing young organizations like ourselves where it’s hard for procedures to keep up with the number of projects and the number of new people.”

BIOTT’s team

BIOTT’s team


For mental health platform Mindly, getting management right will also be an important part of product-building; Dimitri Podoliev, Mindly’s founder and CEO, says they “want to learn how to build a team that will be able to quickly, efficiently and effectively, using a data driven approach, build an amazing product.”

Dimitri Podoliev, founder and CEO of Mindly

Dimitri Podoliev, founder and CEO of Mindly


Some companies, like Braive, come to the program looking for the right support in the decision making around a pivot. “We aim to use our time in the program by matching key people within the organisation with relevant experts from the Google network for sprints across our research and development efforts as well as the pivot planning.” Braive’s co-founder and CEO, Hermine Bonde Jahren, expects their participation will span across tech and design, as well as product discussions.

Henrik Haaland Jahren and Hermine Bonde Jahren, founders of Braive

Henrik Haaland Jahren and Hermine Bonde Jahren, founders of Braive

The program will run until December 9. Ready to solve the world’s biggest challenges with technology? Explore other programs and resources designed to help entrepreneurs, like you, start, build, and grow the companies that will change the world. 

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