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Express yourself on Android, with help from AI

A series of decorated Android bot heads with corresponding clocks and widgets in the same colorways as the bots.

From the car we drive to the clothes we wear, the products we use every day help us express ourselves. That same self-expression and customization is core to the Android experience, spanning billions of active devices around the world.

Today at I/O 2023, we’re introducing new ways to personalize your Android phone, powered by Google’s advances in generative AI technology. See how Android can help you transform the look and feel of your device across your messages, lock screen, wallpaper and more.

Level up your conversations with Messages

Magic Compose, a new Messages by Google feature powered by generative AI, can help you add an extra spark of personality to your conversations. It'll offer suggested responses based on the context of your messages, and even magically transform what you write into different styles. Make your messages more concise, professional or even written like Shakespeare himself! Experiment for yourself and try Magic Compose when it rolls out this summer in beta.

Level up your entire phone screen

Two years ago we introduced Material You, giving people a cohesive palette of colors derived from their wallpaper choice, that personalizes the look of their entire Android experience. With the arrival of Android 14 later this year, we’re taking customization to the next level. You’ll be able to bring your own inspiration to customize your lock screen with new shortcuts and beautifully crafted clocks. Plus, try a new monochrome color theme that can be applied across your entire phone experience.

We’re also offering more ways to express yourself with wallpapers, coming first to Pixel devices next month:

  • Emoji wallpaper lets you customize your device using your favorite emoji combinations, patterns and colors.
  • Cinematic wallpaper uses on-device machine learning networks to transform your favorite photos into stunning 3D images. Watch them come to life when you unlock or tilt your device.

But not everyone has the perfect photo ready to use for their wallpaper — or they just prefer to create something new and fun. With Generative AI wallpaper, you can answer suggested prompts to describe your ultimate creative vision. Using Google’s text-to-image diffusion model, your phone will generate unique wallpapers for you to choose from. Thanks to Material You, the color palette of your Android system will automatically match the wallpaper you’ve selected.

Level up your social posts

Sharing your experiences with others on social media can be a great way to connect with your community. Ensuring those apps can take full advantage of Android devices is important to us.

We’re bringing new support for Night Mode and 10-bit HDR video in social apps like Instagram. Plus we’re introducing Ultra HDR in Android 14 so you can take and view photos with bright colors, crisp shadows and all-around amazing definition.

Together, these features will help you make your device feel even more like your own, with new customizations and AI capabilities powered by Google.

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