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5 new Chrome features to help you search on mobile

Illustration of various search updates to Chrome, including the new sports cards in Chrome’s Discover Feed, more Chrome Actions to reach local businesses, and trending search suggestions in results.

Looking something up on mobile should be just as smooth as if you were in front of your computer. Today we’re announcing five updates to Chrome on Android and iOS to make it even easier to search from your phone or tablet.

1. More Chrome Actions to reach local places

We’ve added new Chrome Actions to help you save time when you’re trying to engage with places like a local business. For example, when you search for a restaurant, you’ll see shortcut buttons in the search results to quickly do things like call, get directions and read reviews.

This feature is now live in Chrome on Android, and is coming to Chrome on iOS later this fall.

A mobile phone screen shows a search for “verdant valley,” with options underneath the Chrome address bar to “call,” get “directions” and read “reviews.”

2. Redesigned address bar on tablets

We’ve refreshed the Chrome address bar on iPads and Android tablets to take advantage of their larger screen sizes and match our Material You design language. Now, when using the address bar, the website is always visible below the drop-down in case you decide to go back to it.

A tablet screen shows the redesigned “Material You” Chrome address bar, with another website visible underneath.

3. New shortcut suggestions

Our new shortcut suggestions feature for both Chrome on Android and iOS brings a personalized touch to your address bar, helping you navigate to a website based on what you normally type to get there. For instance, maybe you usually type in “schedules” to see times for the City Metro because that word is a part of the site’s description. Thanks to this new feature, City Metro will now appear higher up in your search suggestions whenever you search “schedules.”

Two mobile phones are side by side, showing search suggestions “before” and “after.” In the “after” version, when searching for “schedules,” the City Metro result appears closer to the top.

4. Trending searches in Chrome on iOS

Need some inspiration when searching the web? You’ll now see trending search suggestions in your Chrome address bar on iOS, a feature already available on Android.

These trends will show up below your recent searches when you click the address bar from the New Tab page.

The Chrome address bar shows a list of “trending searches” across the web, such as “paris,” “horoscopes,” and “national parks.”

5. New sports cards in Chrome’s Discover Feed

Live sports cards are now available in Chrome’s Discover Feed on the New Tab page on iOS and Android. So when your favorite team is playing, you’ll get automatic updates on how the game is going if you've followed the team or expressed interest in it in the past. You can customize the Discover Feed in the Chrome mobile app by selecting the three-dot menu.

A live sports card shows the latest scores for a baseball game between the Corgis and Finches.

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