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New designs for Chrome and Chrome OS, by Latino artists

A grid layout of 6 illustrations: a person with a tray on their head; a frog submerged in the water; a person wearing 3 pairs of glasses; a cross section of a variety of fruits; a person on a horse holding a telescope; and 3 people looking in the distance

As we celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, we pay tribute to the generations of Latinos who have positively influenced and enriched society, arts, culture and science in the United States.

As a proud Latina, I have seen first hand how our diversity is our strength. We use various terms to define ourselves (Hispanic, Latinx, Latino, Black, Mexican, Salvadoran, Puerto Rican, Brazilian, and more), yet we still can come together as one resilient community.

This year Chrome partnered with Latino artists to create a collection of themes that celebrate our heritage. You can use them to customize your Chrome browser and Chromebook wallpapers. The work reflects a variety of meaningful subjects, from family to the subtle ways we all stay connected. This collection continues our work commissioning contemporary artists to visually show how people use Chrome and Chromebooks to get things done, explore, find and connect. 

Meet the commissioned artists, and browse the 20 new backgrounds in the collection on the Chrome Web Store or in your Chromebook wallpaper gallery.

  • Chrome browser background depicting three people looking into the distance, with clouds behind them

    “Ni de aqui, ni de alla” - Arturo Torres

    “One of the struggles that comes from being a Mexican-American is that you don’t truly feel like you belong to either side. We aren’t Mexican enough for Mexicans and not American enough for Americans. We feel like we have to work twice as hard to please both parties. This is a reminder that we still belong and we can still celebrate both sides. We’re just as beautiful as our motherland.” -Arturo Torres is a New York Times bestselling illustrator, currently residing in Dallas, Texas. His works are a blend of vibrant photorealism in a whimsical comic-book style that makes up a distinctive hand-drawn look.

  • Chrome browser background depicting a bird holding a flower, standing next to 3 flowers

    “Paloma Mensajera” - Cecilia Ruiz

    “‘Paloma Mensajera’ celebrates the joy of finding and being found.” -Cecilia Ruiz is an author, illustrator, graphic designer and educator. Born and raised in Mexico City, Cecilia currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Chromebook background depicting a variety of fruits sprinkled with chili powder, laid out into a pattern

    "Chile y Limón" - Liz Hernández

    “‘Chile y Limón’ depicts the simple act of cutting fresh fruit and sprinkling chili powder on it. This humble action transforms an already perfect snack into a complex, nostalgic treat.” -Liz Hernández is a Mexican artist based in Oakland, California. Her art practice, which includes painting, drawing, sculpture, and writing, is deeply influenced by her memories and surroundings of Mexico City.

  • Chromebook background depicting insects in a garden scene

    "The Scenic Route” - Marisol Ortega

    “‘The Scenic Route’ pays tribute to never losing your sense of joy, play, and exploration, even in our backyards.” -Marisol Ortega is a first-generation Mexican-American designer, illustrator, and letterer living and working in the Pacific Northwest. She pulls inspiration from childhood memories of visiting her abuela’s home in Michoacán, Mexico.

  • Chrome browser background depicting a person wearing 3 pairs of glasses, each a different style

    "Lenses” - Niege Borges

    “This artwork represents the multiple ways of seeing the world, for people that are open to see them.” -Niege Borges is a Brazilian illustrator and graphic designer based in Brooklyn, New York. Her work is colorful, vibrant and playful. She likes to portray women, gender fluid people and explore different races and body shapes.

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