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Grow your ideas with Evernote and Drive

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Being able to capture your ideas is a pretty big deal — after all, you never know which one might become the one. But for an idea to really take shape, it often needs context like research, drawings, documents, and photos. Evernote is a popular tool for capturing ideas and, starting today, you can easily drop any file from Google Drive into Evernote notes to add context. Instead of pasting links to files, Drive content added to Evernote will now include thumbnail previews and a rich viewing experience. You can also search Drive from Evernote and any changes to files in Drive will sync automatically with your notes. There’s even a handy icon in the Evernote toolbar to jump right into your Drive. 

Evernote and Google: A Smarter Way to Work

"Evernote is where people capture and nurture ideas," said Erik Wrobel, Chief Product Officer at Evernote. "This integration with Google Drive helps people cultivate those ideas with rich context." Along with those recently announced in Yahoo Mail and WhatsApp, this new integration with Evernote is another way your files in Drive become more useful in more places. You can start using this today in Evernote on the web and Android. As always, let us know what you think on Google+ and Twitter

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