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What's new with Google Fi in 2019

As we dive into 2019, we’re bringing new updates to Google Fi subscribers. Starting today, we’re upgrading default messaging on eligible phones to RCS, and in the coming weeks, if you’re using a phone designed for Fi, you’ll get faster data coverage in more places around the world.

Richer messaging with RCS

With RCS in Messages, you can do and share more when you message friends, family members, groups, and even businesses who are on RCS. You’ll be able to see typing indicators and read receipts, share high-resolution videos, and message over Wi-Fi or data with others that have RCS enabled.


RCS will be available on phones designed for Fi and compatible Android phones. If you’re using a phone designed for Fi, RCS will be automatically enabled. If you’re on a compatible Android phone, you’ll need to download Messages and set it as your default messaging app. Then you’ll see some simple prompts to enable RCS.

Faster coverage abroad

When you travel with Google Fi, you already have automatic data coverage for the same price you pay at home in 200+ countries and territories. Over the next few weeks we’ll upgrade 33 of these countries to faster 4G LTE coverage on phones designed for Fi. So whether you’re looking for directions to your grandma’s place in Hong Kong or sharing scenic photos of your adventures in Iceland with friends back home, you’ll enjoy even faster data speeds while you travel.

We can’t wait for you to try these new features, and we look forward to bringing you even more from Google Fi in the new year.

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