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Google Keep reminders will be saved to Tasks

An illustration of a woman holding her phone with two tasks shown next to her: “Set up bake sale” and “Pick up dry cleaning.” Other illustrations show someone baking and one of the tasks in Google Keep.

With Google Keep, it’s quick and easy to jot down whatever’s on your mind — whether it’s a grocery list, deadline reminder or a budding idea. You can make lists, take photos, record your voice and even draw notes. You can also add time or location-based reminders to any note so you get a nudge exactly where or when you need it.

Over the next year, those Keep reminders will automatically save to Google Tasks. So in addition to accessing reminders through Keep, you’ll be able to see, edit and complete them from Calendar, Tasks and Assistant.

A web interface shows the Tasks tab in Google Calendar. There are three columns — travel, school and finance — with tasks underneath each. One of the tasks under finance is from Google Keep.

This new capability will make Google Tasks the single solution for managing your to-dos across Workspace. So whether you’re saving something from Keep, Gmail, Calendar, Chat, Docs or Assistant, Google Tasks will make sure it’s up to date and accessible across the Workspace products you use.

For more details on when these changes will roll out, look for updates in Google Keep and the Help Center.

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