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25 Creator Labs artists explore what it means to belong

A collage of 30 black and white portraits depicting people of various age, race, ability, gender and more. In each image the person is staring directly into the camera and set against a white backdrop.
MaryV's work

Twenty-five photographers and filmmakers shared their interpretations of ‘Be Seen, Be Heard, Belong’ for Season 7 of Creator Labs — our incubator for artists that started in 2019, in partnership with SN37. This work builds on the conversation our artists started earlier this year about what it means to be truly seen with new images reflecting the celebration of community, identity and motherhood — all created on Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Community emerged as a universal theme this season, with 10 artists touching on it. Artists Glassface, Cruz Valdez and Aidan Cullen celebrate the comfort of a creative network.

A series of five black and white portraits showing dramatic shadows and light and close up images of people set against backdrops of grass and trees.

Cruz Valdez's work

Meanwhile, Andrew Thomas Huang, Coyote Park and Mayan Toledano examine queer community.

A series of AAPI-identifying individuals striking dancer-like poses against a white background.

Andrew Thomas Huang's work

Lelanie Foster’s work explores her subject through motion and stillness — using paint to emphasize the artful form of the female body.

Two abstract portraits of close ups of an individual, colored in red lighting.

Lelanie Foster’s work

Myesha Evon Gardner’s piece ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves’ focuses on the archetypes of Black women who have pursued plastic surgery for varying reasons. Myesha redefines themes of legacy, labor, love and beauty in underrepresented communities. ”Through the subjects of vanity, body, and self-reflecting portraiture, I study the profoundly complex role of a Black woman, as the person and individual she/they are often stripped down to a singular value,” Myesha says.

A series of close up portraits of seven womxn, side by side with three grid images in black and white of these same individuals.

Myesha Evon Gardner’s work

June Canedo de Souza and Kennedi Carter took unique approaches to motherhood with their projects. June crafted self-portraits with clay, documenting her solitude and reflection as she approaches giving birth.

Three black and white images of three clay sculptures portraying the artist experiencing the journey of pregnancy, childhood and motherhood.

June Canedo de Souza's work

Kennedi, a new mother to her son Atlas, reflects on the beauty she felt during pregnancy. “The glow that encapsulated me, the weight I had gained, the care I took of my body, how closely I observed my bodily changes, as well as the process of worship I engaged with my partner surrounding my body,” Kennedi says. “Beauty is a phenomenon that will continue to evolve and shift over the course of one’s life, and now I miss feeling enamored by my own body.”

Four images depicting Kennedi’s experience as a mother including: a family member, bathing her child, standing with her child and a shadow of her pregnant belly.

Kennedi Carter's work

Although 25 independent explorations, the work from Season 7 represents the breadth of creativity and diverse storytelling that artists can create using one unified tool: Google Pixel 7 Pro. As Andy Jackson notes, amplifying these voices “allows them to be heard and belong in a conversation that will cement timeless imagery.”

All imagery from Season 7 and the previous six seasons are available to view at

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