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100 million people free up phone space with the Files app

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Every month, 100 million people around the world use the Files app to free up space and manage the content on their phones. Files was built for people with low phone storage, many of whom live in places like India, Nigeria and Brazil and often run out of space on a daily basis. However, in the past two years, we’ve seen people everywhere use Files. The app reduces the stress of managing stuff on your phone and helps you get things done faster—whether that means finding your favorite photo, sharing files without using data, or removing old files to make your phone feel like new.

Globally, Files frees up 8 GB of space every second—that’s equivalent to 2,200 photos!

Freeing up space

Forwarded messages can cause duplicate files and memes to quickly eat up phone storage. Around the world, Files helps people delete more than 300 duplicates and 150 memes every second—the app is able to quickly find and suggest files for removal using Google’s mobile vision technology

Here are two new features that make Files even more helpful:

  • Preserve your battery and reduce eye strain with a new all-black dark theme option.

  • Listen to music or watch videos offline with new controls like Skip, Rewind or Fast-forward.

Files all-black dark theme option

Switch to dark theme to preserve battery life and reduce eye strain

Files - New audio player features give you more control

New audio player features give you more control

These features will be available to everyone over the next few days. Get the app at to free up space, and make your phone feel like new.

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