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Advancing public-private partnerships with #ShareTheMicInCyber

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We know diverse security teams are more innovative, produce better products and enhance an organization's ability to defend against cyber threats.

Today, cybersecurity practitioners across Google and industry are elevating the voices and expertise of Black security practitioners as part of #ShareTheMicInCyber’s public and private partnerships campaign.

Amid increasingly sophisticated and dangerous ransomware and supply chain attacks on critical infrastructure and private sector entities, cybersecurity is a global imperative that requires new ways of thinking and partnering across government, industry and academia.

In the spirit of allyship, I’m honored to #ShareTheMicinCyber with a few of the Black security practitioners I work with everyday at Google. These practitioners have worked across sectors and offer a unique perspective on public-private partnerships and how critical they are to solving the threats we face.

Image of Jordyn

Jordyn Cosme, Senior Security Advisor, Google Products

“Security is a team sport that requires trust and collaboration. While business objectives or the mission of organizations may vary, we all share the goal of protecting sensitive information and data for our customers, our people, and our communities. Prior to joining Google, I advised government executive leaders on their toughest security challenges, like designing, building and maturing security programs. It was during this period that I gained a tremendous understanding for the role public-private partnership plays in helping us achieve our common goals. Much like assembling an all star team, partnerships can bring our strengths and differences together leveraging diversity of experience to achieve better outcomes.

This month’s #ShareTheMicInCyber moment will highlight the true collaboration that currently exists between the public and private sectors, but it will also provide us with clarity on the things we need to continue to work towards, like building more diverse security teams.”

Image of Lindsay

Lindsay Nuon, Senior Security Advisor, Privacy Safety and Security

“I began my security career in the US Military working at the intersection of Cybersecurity and Intelligence with government agencies including NCIS, the FBI, and HHS. Now, in my role as an Advisor at Google, I’m able to draw from an intimate understanding of the unique risks and challenges that each community faces as well as the special capabilities and immense value that diversity of thought can lend to protecting our users and defending our networks. These experiences taught me first hand that effective collaboration across the public/private sector is an imperative we must wholeheartedly support in order to secure our organizations and realize our shared vision of keeping our people, assets and infrastructure safe online. Without the collective intelligence of professionals on both sides, our blindspots grow larger, our adversaries grow more sophisticated, and as a result we will fail to keep-pace with the threat landscape as it evolves. That is why it has been so cool, over the course of my career, to witness the shift from security by obscurity to a more collaborative and community driven security approach.

I’m looking forward to continuing the conversation during the public-private partnership #ShareTheMicInCyber installment.”

Image of John

John Davis, Privacy Engineer, Data Protection Office

“I serve as a Staff Privacy Engineer at Google where I focus on designing privacy-protecting features into Google's products and services, and making privacy easier for users to control.

My data stewardship and cyber attribution work prior to joining Google helped me recognize the importance of public-private partnerships. Technology intersects at so many different points in our lives and it requires collaboration to work effectively and safely for everyone. This was realized for me over the past year, as I worked with Google’s anonymization team to make important COVID insights available to the public while respecting user privacy. The COVID mobility reports project was designed to help health officials and other public and private entities make critical decisions to combat COVID-19.

We all have a responsibility to work together to solve the toughest challenges we face. I look forward to engaging in meaningful discussions on this and more during #ShareTheMicInCyber.”

Image of Yousef

Yousef Saed, Technical Program Manager, Vulnerability Management

“I believe knowledge sharing within the security industry is important regardless of being in the private or public sector considering that security professionals are often working towards the same goals of protecting data, minimizing risk, and eliminating attack surfaces.

Since public and private sector organizations often have different threat models and focus areas, being able to collaborate well allows for a wider perspective and unique approaches to solving security challenges. Security is improved by collaboration rather than siloed knowledge.”

I encourage you to follow, share, retweet, and act in support of #ShareTheMicInCyber on Twitter and LinkedIn, today, October 22. By strengthening our commitment to racial equity and inclusion we can build safer and more secure products for everyone.

If you are interested in participating or learning more about #ShareTheMicInCyber, click here.

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