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Public Key

Public Key: Sharing our approach to security

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In asymmetric cryptography, a common system for encrypting data, there are two decryption tools, or “keys.” The first is a private key that only the user knows, and the other is a public key, which is safe to share with everyone. 

Public Key is also the name of a new series about our approach to security, across Google. From home offices everywhere, Googlers and academics share their thoughts about how product design, threats to high-risk users, research partnerships, medieval history (yup!) and more, contribute to the ways we protect people online. We want to make sure people aren’t just aware of our automatic protections, but understand the thinking behind them too. That’s always been the case, but at this particular moment in time, it’s especially important.

You can think of this series as a public key, for Google security…on the Keyword. For a peek at what we’ll be covering, watch our video above. And stay tuned for more over the coming weeks.

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