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Google for Mexico: Technology to help Mexicans thrive

Picture of Julian Coulter on the stage at Google for Mexico

Today, we held our Google for Mexico event in Mexico City, at a building from the 18th century, joining history and heritage with our advances in technology. We want to keep sharing these innovations with the world, so we’re bringing new AI products to Mexico, along with many other digital solutions that will benefit Mexicans in this evolving time.

Mexico is rich in culture, history, nature and business, and technology can be a booster in their diverse needs and interests. At the event, we shared how Mexican businesses are benefiting from Google’s products. We also announced we’re bringing a new search experience to the country, offering new training opportunities and supporting digital initiatives that protect nature, among many others.

Here’s a closer look at what we announced at this year’s Google for Mexico:

Google’s economic impact in Mexico

According to a study we conducted with Access Partnership, in 2022 Google in Mexico had an economic impact of $266,000 million Mexican pesos ($13.2 billion USD1). This number refers to the economic benefits Mexican companies received from using Google Search, Ads, AdSense, Play, YouTube and Cloud. This represents a growth of 71% in comparison to 2021. You can find the complete Economic Impact Report at this link.

Picture of the stage at Google for Mexico with the economic impact value.

Generative AI in Search comes to Mexico

With advances in generative AI, we’re transforming Google Search to become simpler and smarter than ever before. Search Generative Experience (SGE) can unlock entirely new types of questions you never thought Search could answer, and transform the way information is organized. Now, you can better uncover useful insights from a range of perspectives across the web, with links to click out and learn more. Today, we’re bringing this experience to most countries in Latin America, and Mexican users can enjoy SGE in their own language.

Technology to help people and their businesses

Four years ago, we launched Google Career Certificates in Mexico so people could learn new skills and pursue a career in technology. Now, with six certificates available focused on technical skills, such as digital marketing, e-commerce and cybersecurity, we want more Mexicans to access them, so we’re announcing 95,000 new scholarships .

Education is essential for employment, but also for businesses. We’re training tourism-oriented small and medium-size businesses in Google tools that can help them grow with technology. We’re collaborating with Alianza Mundo Maya México and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), through their Southern Mexico Generating Employment and Sustainability (SURGES) program in order to support businesses in Mexico’s Southeast, and with the Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels that represent 6,800 hotels throughout the country.

We want to make traveling easier, so we will add a new feature on Search to easily find information about coach buses that will allow people to compare and chose they preferred transportation.

​​English lessons, right on Search

Learning a language can open up new opportunities in a person’s life. English alone is estimated to have 1.5 billion learners worldwide, but it’s not always easy to have the opportunity to practice and get feedback. We’re introducing a new feature to help people improve their English speaking skills right on Search, and it’s now available to Search users on Android in Mexico, along with Argentina, Colombia, India, and Indonesia. This feature, designed to be used alongside other language learning tools, provides learners with real-time feedback on their grammar, use of words, and more.

More efforts against misinformation

We’re committed to helping people find high-quality information and authoritative sources. Earlier this year, we launched Transparencia México, an ambitious initiative to communicate our efforts to fight misinformation in the country in advance of the upcoming elections. This initiative includes discussion forums and trainings on fact-checking tools and Google Trends to help journalists inform their reporting and offer quality information during the elections cycle. Recently, we also launched new features that help people fact-check, such as About this Result and Image Searching in our Fact Check Explorer tool.

Preserving both art and nature through technology

To learn more about ancestral textile techniques and the people behind them, Google Arts and Culture joined forces with Mexico’s Ministry of Culture and Oaxaca’s Ministry of Arts and Cultures (Secretaría de Cultura del Gobierno de México y la Secretaría de las Culturas y Artes de Oaxaca) to present more than 40 stories that showcase traditional pieces in detail. This not only helps preserve the wonderful crafts and share them with the world, but also provides visibility to the local artisans that create them.

Mangroves are iconic to the Mexican Mayan Riviera, but they are threatened by climate change and other damaging practices. The World Wildlife Foundation, one of the organizations selected for funding through the Impact Challenge on Climate Innovation, aims to preserve these forests with the use of AI through a project called ManglarIA. donated $5 million to this organization, which will retrieve and analyze data with AI to understand how to preserve and restore mangroves in Mexico.

AI-powered business solutions from Google Cloud

Google Cloud continues to grow in Mexico as it helps people and businesses collaborate, save money and access information from anywhere. In 2022, for the first time we also estimated that Google Cloud solutions enabled businesses to generate efficiencies worth 1,700 million Mexican pesos ($84.7 million USD2) in value.

Now, Google Cloud wants to continue supporting businesses through the power of AI. Recently, we launched new capabilities that help organizations from different industries and sizes use generative AI, regardless of whether they have experience in it or not. Vertex AI provides a platform to use AI easily and quickly by creating solutions such as conversational chats or images based on text.

With the use of technology like AI, it’s easier and faster for Mexicans to reach their goals, whether they’re business-oriented, personal or cultural. And, just like we’ve been there for almost 18 years, we’ll continue to be present to help this happen.

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