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Two startup accelerators focused on climate change

Four people wearing high-visibility clothing are installing large solar panels.

Investing in technologies aimed at tackling climate change has the potential to move the needle on sustainability progress and positively impact our planet.

This month, we’re launching our Google for Startups Accelerator: Climate Change program in both North America and Europe to focus on identifying, supporting and scaling startups that are building technologies to combat climate change.

This program brings the best of Google to early-stage startups using cloud technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning to advance sustainability efforts. In North America, this program will enter its third year. Building on our experience from the North America Accelerator, we are now bringing the program to Europe. The accelerator’s expansion to Europe comes at a time when technology can help accelerate the transition to carbon-free energy and enable the efficient use of scarce energy resources.

In addition to mentorship and technical project support, the 10-week programs provide support for product design, customer acquisition, and leadership development for founders. All Google for Startups Accelerators are equity-free, so selected companies don’t have to offer anything to participate. Both regions will accept applications until January 19 and kick off in March 2023.

To date, 22 startups from North America have graduated from Accelerator: Climate Change including BlocPower, which retrofits old residential buildings to be all-electric with clean energy systems.

The Accelerator was incredibly valuable, helping us refine our software solutions to reduce city onboarding for clean energy projects from 4 months to 4 weeks. This enabled our business to grow faster while accelerating our climate technology Donnel Baird
Founder, BlocPower

Other Google for Startups Accelerator: Climate Change alumni include Exenor Bioenergy, which ​​converts plastic and organic waste into clean energy, and Carbon Limit, which creates a nature-based cement replacement that transforms concrete into an impactful and permanent solution to CO2 pollution. This program goes hand-in-hand with our Circular Economy Accelerator, which supports organizations building zero-waste solutions in North America and Asia.

Supporting startups focused on climate change is one way we’re taking action. Since our founding, we’ve built sustainability into everything we do and set ambitious goals to minimize our carbon footprint, while also working to maximize our contribution to global climate solutions. We’re optimistic that investing in climate-focused technology and entrepreneurs is a step toward a healthier planet for all.

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