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CES 2024: Top 4 Android experiences to try out

Photo of the Android experience in the Google booth featuring the Android robot

Immerse yourself in Android at CES! Come by our booth at Central Plaza-1 to check out four must-see Android experiences. We’ll show how the best of Google can come to life on your Android devices, including ways AI helps you express yourself and get things done.1

1. Let The Bot be your guide

Getting around a convention like CES can be an overwhelming experience, so why not have a friendly host to show you around? When you visit our booth, scan the QR code2 and follow the steps to get started with a helpful augmented reality experience, powered by Google’s Geospatial Creator. From there, The Bot will be your guide, giving you tips on what to experience in our booth. You can even interact with The Bot for immersive surprises!

2. Get creative with us

  • Carousel of four photographs. The first photo shows the demo room for Gen AI Wallpapers with three screens, each screen shows a different generated wallpaper.
  • The second shows a group of people gathered around a photobooth where a demo of Magic Editor in Google Photos plays on a screen in the background.
  • The third shows the demo room for Magic Compose where two large post boxes wait for people to try creating custom postcards.
  • The fourth shows the YouTube Create Space, a bright red room with three alcoves where people can test out their creative skills.

Experience firsthand how AI helps you get creative on Android — whether you’re editing photos, writing or finding ways to customize your phone. At the event, stop by our booth to try out these demo experiences.

  • Create generative AI wallpapers3 to customize your phone: Choose from a set list of prompts to generate an AI-powered wallpaper, a feature we released on Pixel 8 as part of Android 14. Send your custom creation to yourself to use during the event and after.
  • Test out Magic Editor to reimagine a photo: Magic Editor, an experimental editing experience in Google Photos on Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, uses generative AI to make complex photo edits easier. Come see how you can use it to reposition the subjects in your photo, magically erase distractions, improve the lighting and background, and more so you can get the exact look and feel you want.
  • Try out Magic Compose4: We all occasionally find ourselves at a loss for words. Magic Compose in Google Messages is a beta feature powered by generative AI that offers suggested responses based on the context of your messages. You can also type what you want to say and select from a broad range of tones like “lyrical” or “Shakespeare” to transform your message into something unique.
  • Step into a video creator’s studio-inspired booth: YouTube Create (beta), currently only on Android5, makes video editing easier than ever with features like automatic captioning, filters and effects and audio cleanup as well as a library of royalty-free music and sound effects. Step into this video booth to demo our favorite features.

3. Come sit inside one of the cars with the latest Android Auto and Google built-in demos

This a photo of the outside of the Las Vegas Convention Center where two cars are parked behind a line of white traffic cones.

Experience the latest Android Auto and Google built-in features firsthand. Slide into one of our demo cars and let the innovation take you for a ride.

  • See the new electric vehicle routing features on Android Auto6 in the Ford Mustang Mach-E. With a deeper integration between your Android phone and select Android Auto supported cars, you’ll get important information about your EV’s range and routes that are optimized for your car in Google Maps.
  • When work needs to happen on the go, see how an integration with Webex by Cisco can help you to stay productive. Come experience how you can join important meetings with audio without having to take your eyes off the road.

Stop by to see the new Polestar 3 with Google built-in7 to check out the latest features.

  • To make planning a trip easier and more efficient, you’ll be able to send your planned destination and route straight from your phone to Google Maps in your car — no need to search or plan your drive from the driver’s seat.
  • And for when you’re parked in your car, we’ll show you how you can browse the web with Chrome browser, watch videos, play games and more on your car’s display.

4. Look for us in other places across Las Vegas

Watch out for The Bot’s cameo on Sphere today — it’s taller than the Statue of Liberty! You might even spot The Bot all around Las Vegas — look for it adorning the billboards or hitching a ride on the monorail. You can even get a closer look at Sphere in our AR experience mentioned above.

We’ve also tucked 10 unique collectable pins around the Android space for you to find and pop on your backpack or wherever you’d like. Each pin represents a bit of Android’s personality and the future of AI, creativity, discovery and more. Collect them all before you leave!

We hope you enjoy the event as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it for you. Let us know what you think on social and use the hashtags #CES2024 and #Android.

Want to learn more about what we announced? Check out our full roundup in this post.

More Information


All features mentioned are demos at CES 2024 only and may not be live or launched to the public.


Available on select Android and iOS devices. Internet connection required.


Available on Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro devices with Android 14.


Availability of features may vary by market and device. Sign up for beta testing and a data plan may be required.


Available on Android 8+ and in select countries only. Requires at least 4GB of RAM.


An Android phone running Android 10+ with a data plan needed.


Some features may require internet connection.

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