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More ways to repair your Pixel phones

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We’re committed to investing in product longevity and repair options for Pixel devices so you can have the best possible experience. In addition to seven years of software and hardware support for Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, we also launched a partnership with iFixit in 2022, so it's easier to buy genuine Pixel parts and repair your phone with a professional or do it yourself (DIY).

Now we're introducing more repair features that will give you peace of mind if your phone needs to be fixed. Here are three ways we are improving the repair process, including protecting your privacy, providing easy-to-use manuals and making parts and repairs easier to access.

Protect your privacy with Pixel Repair Mode

Pixel’s new Repair Mode feature can help protect your privacy and prevent access to all the data that’s on your device when it’s getting repaired — and it does this without the time-consuming process of backing up, wiping and restoring your data. Simply turn on this feature to help protect your personal data, hand your device to a repair technician, and then turn it off again when your device is returned to you. Pixel Repair Mode is an important step in protecting privacy and making sure devices are repaired quickly and efficiently.

Get help with our new app and refreshed, easy-to-use repair manuals

In addition to the Pixel software update and repair site, you can now launch the Pixel Diagnostic App from your Pixel phone using the Phone App. This allows you to test your device for issues before and after a repair. You can easily check to see if your phone is properly functioning once it’s repaired.

For all of your repair inquiries, Google Help is a great place to start. We’ve updated our Help page so you can find resources and instructions to repair your own Pixel. You can also find out how to order parts from iFixit, view repair manuals, run diagnostic tests, and purchase tools and parts that you might need.

The repair manuals are also redesigned so it’s easier for technicians and DIYers to use them. Download repair manuals for the Pixel products in English and French from Google Help. We’ll continue to upload repair manuals for previous and future devices in the coming months.

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Find even more ways to get your device repaired

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Whether you need your phone repaired by a professional, or you prefer to do it yourself, there are options available for you. We partner with independent repair providers, like uBreakiFix, to provide more than 700 locations across the U.S. where you can get support whether you're in or out of warranty. Most people can get their phone repaired and returned within 2-4 hours if replacement parts are available. And we want this to be as convenient as possible to fit into your day. Over 80% of people with a Pixel device are within 10-20 miles of an authorized repair center.

Our repair partnership with iFixit has enabled small businesses and local repairers to thrive and grow by having scalable processes that enable them to do their repair work efficiently. In addition to our walk-in and mail-in repair options, we are now providing all repairers, DIY or professionals, with the resources they need to perform repairs. In addition to genuine spare parts from iFixit, repair fixtures and tools are now also available from Shyft Global Services. We remain committed to continuously improving device repairability to reduce the need for fixtures and tools and increase repair access for small business owners and customers.

We’re working to empower everyone with more repair options to extend the lifespan of the products that are so important in our everyday lives. And we'll continue to invest in sustainability, product longevity and repair to bring you the best possible experience.

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