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Stadia Savepoint: July updates

A teenage plays Stadia on his phone.

It’s time for another update to our Stadia Savepoint series, recapping the new games, features and updates on Stadia.

In July, Stadia Pro subscribers enjoyed new games like Moonlighter, Street Power Football, Terraria and The Darkside Detective. Claiming these titles within the growing Pro library of more than 20 games makes them easy to play instantly, for as long as you’re a Pro subscriber. Plus, Stadia Pro offered free play weekends for Dead by Daylight, The Crew 2, Marvel’s Avengers and Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The Official Video Game.

In addition, fights broke out within the popular arcade-brawler Streets of Rage 4 when it launched on the Stadia store, while other players joined Luffy and his band of Straw Hat Pirates in the open world action-adventure ONE PIECE World Seeker. JRPG fans rejoiced with the arrivals of Ys IX: Monstrum Nox and Cris Tales. For players interested in RPGs of the side-scrolling variety, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night delivered an homage to the Metroidvania series.

A tailer for Cris Tales

While Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The Official Video Game officially launched in June, the arcade sports title was at the top of the leaderboards in July with the start of the in-person events in Tokyo. YouTube Creators have the chance to compete with their viewers in-game across 18 different olympic events with Crowd Play, available in beta (apply through our form for feature access.)

Crowd Play demo video.

Use Crowd Play on Stadia to play games with YouTube livestream viewers.

Game recommendations on Google TV

Look for recommendations for recently played games within the “Top Picks for You” section on Google TV’s home screen.

Smart suggestions for new friends on web, mobile

The friends list on web and mobile devices now contains smart suggestions for new friends based on platform interactions and other player activity.

New games coming to Stadia announced in July:

That’s all for now — we’ll be back next month to share more updates. As always, stay tuned to the Stadia Community Blog, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for the latest news.

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