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The latest Titan Security Key is in the Google Store

picture of two new titan security keys

During today’s Aspen Cyber Summit in New York City, we rolled out the latest version of our Titan Security Key — now available on the Google Store. Throughout 2024, we’ll also begin distributing 100,000 of these new security keys at no cost to global high risk users alongside our industry partners.

Why we started with security keys

Stolen passwords are one of the biggest threats to online security, and we first introduced the Titan Security Key in 2018 to defend against phishing attacks, stopping bad actors from accessing your Google Account. However, we think the best way to eliminate the risks of passwords is to get rid of them altogether. That’s why we helped develop passkeys and announced support for passkeys across all Google Accounts earlier this year. Passkeys are a simpler, safer way to sign into your accounts — without the need for a password. They use FIDO2 credentials and cryptography, so you can use your existing devices to securely confirm who you are.

The passkey friendly Titan Security Key

We’re excited about the potential of passkeys, but know there’s no security silver bullet for everyone. Some people require a solution not dependent on smartphones or use devices that don’t support passkeys — everyone has different approaches to security, but we all share one goal: stop attacks. That’s why we intentionally designed the latest Titan Security Keys to encompass the secure cryptography of passkeys on a portable piece of hardware.

The two newly introduced models will replace our current USB-A and USB-C devices — and both will provide NFC capabilities for easy and fast connections with mobile devices. The new keys are also able to store more than 250 unique passkeys — enough storage for users to register them with all their favorite services supporting passkeys — which makes them best-in-class among FIDO2 security keys.

picture of two new titan security keys

When creating a passkey for your Google Account on the new Titan Security Key, the key will allow you to set up a simple PIN code which can be used instead of a password to securely sign into your Google Account in the future.

To learn more about how security keys can help protect you against phishing, visit the Titan Security Key product page.

Committing 100,000 security keys to high risk users in 2024

Security keys have been a critical component of our work in helping high risk users via our Advanced Protection Program (APP). This program further protects those with high visibility and sensitive information from targeted online attacks — from campaign workers, to activists and journalists. That’s why today we’re committing to providing 100,000 of our new security keys at no cost to global high risk individuals in 2024 through our partnerships — building off our previous commitment last year. This work comes at a critical time as we await the upcoming elections.

We’ll do this work alongside expert partners including Access Now, Defending Digital Campaigns, Freedom House, the International Foundation of Electoral Systems, Internews, and PUBLIC.

  • A text card reading "For the people we serve at Defending Digital Campaigns, high risk users on political campaigns, using FIDO2 security keys as part of implementing the strongest authentication possible, is our number one recommendation. Our partnership with Google, which allows us to provide keys to federal campaigns for free, has had a significant impact in increasing cybersecurity in the political sector." - Michael Kaiser, President and CEO of DDC
  • A text card reading: “Adopting 2FA is one of the most significant steps people can take to protect their online accounts, which have been increasingly targeted over the years at all levels and professions. Depending on the threats they are dealing with and the situations they are in, physical security keys (including those that use FIDO 2 technology) can be especially helpful tools for high-risk human rights defenders and civil society organizations, but getting them can be difficult, due to cost, logistics, etc. Big distribution programs, like Google's are important in getting secure tools to the people who really need them.” – Carlos Guerra, Internews’ Technical Advisor on Digital Security Programs
  • A text card reading: "We are working to ensure that human rights defenders around the world have the right tools and knowledge to protect their privacy online. A key component of that is to keep their accounts secure, so we will ensure these tools reach those who need it most.” – Mohammed Al-Maskati, Director, Access Now Digital Security Helpline

With phishing attacks on the rise and busy elections on the horizon, we’re looking forward to providing a tool that not only eliminates the pain that comes with passwords, but that keeps you safer along the way.

Get your new Titan Security Key on the Google Store today.

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