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15 ways your Assistant can coach you through the MLB Postseason

Assistant MLB

More than 2,400 regular season Major League Baseball games are in the books and we're down to just four teams. The National League Championship Series and American League Championship Series are just getting underway—here are 15 ways the Google Assistant can help make sure you don’t miss a minute of the action. Batter up.

To stay on top of MLB history, scores, schedules, and standings, start with
“Hey Google …”

1. “When does the World Series start?”

2. “When did Fenway Park open?”

3. “Who was the ALCS MVP in 2017?”

4. “When do the Astros and Red Sox play next?”

5. “Did the Dodgers win?”

6. “What’s Minute Maid Park’s capacity?”

7. “How are the Red Sox doing?

8. "Who do the Brewers play next?"

9. "Tell me about the Houston Astros"

10. “Who's the pitcher for the Dodgers?”

Do your own personal warm up before the game

11. Make sure you’re ready for whatever the weather may bring. Before heading to the game, ask “Hey Google, what’s the weather like at Dodger Stadium?”

12. Didn’t score tickets but want to watch the game with fellow fans? Simply say “Hey Google, find the nearest sports bar.”

When you're cheering from your couch instead of the stands

13. Set a reminder so you don’t miss a second of the game. Say “Hey Google, remind me to turn on the game when I get home.”

14. Hosting a watch party at your place? Whip up ballpark-worthy snacks for all of your friends to enjoy. Try asking, “Hey Google, what are some dip recipes?”

15. Fact: Baseball and loaded nachos are a match made in heaven. Throw them in the oven and when they’re done, broadcast a message to the Google Homes throughout your house to let your guests know when it’s time to dig in… and enjoy the Postseason!

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