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Google Assistant

Go up, up and away with your Google Assistant

With holiday travel coming up, and 2018 just around the corner, you may be already thinking about getaways for next year. Consider the Google Assistant your new travel buddy, ready at the drop of a hat—or a passport.

So when you’re ready for your next big adventure, here are some things to ask your Google Assistant on your eligible Android phone, iPhone or your voice activated speaker, like Google Home.


  • Plan your adventure: “Ok Google, what are some things to do in Cabo?” 
  • Get expert travel advice: “Ok Google, talk to Lonely Planet”
  • Remember the essentials: “Ok Google, add travel shampoo to my shopping list”
  • Pack with ease: “Ok Google, what’s the weather in Cabo next week?”
  • Don’t miss a beat: “Ok Google, is my flight on time?”
  • ...Or your flight: “Ok Google, remind me to leave at 10 a.m. tomorrow”

What are you waiting for? Get your Assistant, your bags and start planning. Happy travels.

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