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Happy Mother's Day! Here's how your Google Assistant can help you celebrate

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Mother’s Day is today and your Google Assistant is here to help you! So whether you need to pull together some last minute plans or just want to find the right way to make mom’s day, ask your Assistant and you’ll be on your way.

mother's day

  • Busy morning? Don’t forget the big day. Ask your Assistant on Android phones to “Remind me to call Mom”
  • Pulling together your last minute plans? Ask your Assistant on Google Home “What should I do for mom?
  • Looking for the perfect activity? Ask your Google Assistant on Android phones to “Find me nearby tea shops”
  • Pick her up some flowers on your way to celebrate. Ask your Assistant in Allo “Where's the nearest flower shop?”
  • If flowers at a park are more her style, ask your Assistant on Android phones “Where’s the nearest botanical garden?”
  • Who doesn’t love a homemade dinner? Just say to  your Assistant on Google Home -- “Let’s make lasagne”
  • The perfect addition? Ask your Assistant on Google Home to “Play my mother’s day playlist"
  • Celebrate Mother’s Day with a family game night. Ask your Assistant on Home to “Play a trivia game?”

Happy Mother’s Day!

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