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Make the most of Father’s Day with a little help from your Assistant

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This Sunday is Father’s Day—a day to surprise and spoil our favorite dads. With a little help from your friendly Assistant, you can plan the perfect day, share some stories and more.

father's day

  • One up your dad with your own dad jokes. Just ask your Assistant on phones to “tell me a joke.” You can even ask to “talk to Best Dad Jokes” to hear more!
  • Start a chat with your siblings in Google Allo and ask the Assistant for help planning the day, whether it’s finding  “best golf courses nearby” or “current movies in the theater.” 
  • Bust out old photos of your dad (perhaps he went through a bell bottoms and perm phase?) by asking your Assistant on phones to “show me photos of Dad.”
  • Get inspired by stories about dads from dads. Ask your Assistant on Android phones for “stories about fatherhood” to hear dads tell their tales at StoryCorps.
  • Most importantly, don’t forget! Tell your Assistant on your phone to “remind me to call dad on Sunday.” 

Happy Father’s Day!

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