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Namaste from your Google Assistant

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Ommmmmm, it's International Yoga Day. While your Assistant might not be able to do an Eagle Pose, it can help you relax, learn about yoga poses and be the calming presence you’ve been looking for.


  • If you’re an aspiring yogi, the first step is getting on the mat. Ask your Assistant on Google Home to “Add yoga mat to my shopping list.” 
  • Once you've got your mat, you can ask your Assistant on phones, “What’s a downward-facing dog pose?” or ““Show me videos of a downward-facing dog pose.”
  • Looking to set the mood? Ask your Assistant on Google Home to “Turn the temperature to 80 degrees,” or “Dim the lights,” when you’re ready for Savasana. 
  • Interested in learning about the history of yoga? Ask your Assistant on Google Home “How did yoga start?” or “What does yoga mean?”
  • Or maybe you want to meet other like-minded yogis: Ask your Assistant on phones to “Find yoga classes near me.”

For the love of yoga and whatever else makes you happy, go out there and find your zen! Namaste.

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