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With the Roav Bolt, use your Google Assistant safely when driving

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I spend so much time on the road every day, whether I’m hustling to the office or picking up the kids at school. While I’m driving, it can be very tempting to pull out my phone to check text messages, make phone calls or fumble around to find my favorite podcast. 


One way to safely stay connected and use your phone hands-free while on the road is by using the Roav Bolt, an affordable aftermarket device by Anker Innovations. The Roav Bolt is built to work with Android devices, and brings the Google Assistant to almost any car. Just say, “Hey Google,” when you’re in the car or tap the button on Roav Bolt to find the nearest coffee shop, play your favorite song or podcast, navigate home, read texts, make calls, set reminders and check your schedule for the day. 

Roav Bolt plugs into your car’s charging socket, connecting to your phone’s Bluetooth and then to your car’s stereo. The far-field built-in mics on the Roav Bolt ensure that your Assistant hears you clearly, whether your phone is locked or stashed away or if you’re blasting music.

Here’s a closer look at what you can do with the Assistant using Roav Bolt, starting with “Hey Google”: 


Ask the Google Assistant to help you get to your destination and find the things you need as you’re driving, such as current traffic along your route, nearby gas stations, or restaurants and businesses.

  • “Navigate home/to work”
  • “How’s the traffic to Los Angeles?”
  • “Share my ETA with Evelyn” 
  • “Find a gas station on the way” 
  • “Find dry cleaners nearby”


The Google Assistant can play your favorite songs, radio stations, audiobooks and podcasts through your car’s sound system.

  • “Play {song / artist / album}”
  • “Play {Jazz / Country / Top 40}”
  • “Play {content} on {app name}”
  • “Play the latest episode of {podcast}”
  • “What’s on the news?”


Call, send a message and have your notifications read out loud while you’re driving, all with just with your voice. And with proactive notifications, stay connected without needing to look at your phone so you don’t miss important updates while you’re in the car.

  • “Call” or “text [contact, or business name]”
  • “Send message to [name] on [App: Whatsapp / Wechat / Hangouts]”
  • “Read my messages”

Get things done

Control compatible smart home devices on the go—check that the lights are turned off when you leave home and adjust the thermostat when you’re on your way home. You can also check what’s on your calendar, add things to a shopping list and set up important reminders like picking up your dry cleaning at a specific time.

  • “What’s on my agenda today?”
  • “Turn off all the lights at home”
  • “Remind me to pick up dry cleaning at 6:00 p.m.”
  • “Add milk to my shopping list”

The Roav Bolt will also be available for iOS in a beta experience with limited capabilities to begin with. You can find the Roav Bolt online and in store at major retailers, including Best Buy retail locations, and for $49.99.

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