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This is nacho average weekend: both National Lasagna Day and National Cheesecake Day are here to fill the Swiss cheese-sized holes in your weekend plans.

If you don’t know how to celebrate these aged-old traditions, don’t be bleu. Your Assistant can serve up some cheesy tips:

cheese GIF

  • In queso you forget: "Ok Google, order lasagna noodles."
  • Don't make me do it prov-alone: “Ok Google, let’s make lasagna” 
  • Sweet treats are made of cheese: “Ok Google, what ingredients are in cheesecake?”
  • Say cheese: “Ok Google, how do you say ‘cheesecake’ in Italian”?
  • Cotija-ha-ha: “Ok Google, tell me a cheesy joke”
  • It's all gouda (or not!): “Ok Google, what’s a good substitute for cheese?”
  • Shred it on the dance floor (or kitchen floor): “Ok Google, play my cheesy goodness playlist.” 
  • Let’s brie honest: “Ok Google, what’s your favorite kind of cheese?”
  • Spread the love: “Ok Google, how do you make a cheese board?” 

Ready, set, asiago! 🧀🎉

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