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Google News Showcase is launching in Slovenia

This illustrated image shows a woman working at her computer with images of people in the background simulating curating the news

Journalists and news publishers play a key role in helping us understand important events as they unfold and at Google we’re dedicated to supporting the reporters and publishers who work tirelessly to deliver us news.

Today, we're announcing our latest product supporting journalism in Slovenia by rolling out Google News Showcase, our curated online experience and licensing program for news publishers. Google has agreements with six national, regional and local news organizations from Slovenia, which provide important news coverage to people all over the country, including Delo, Časnik Finance,, Slovenske novice, Slovenska tiskovna agencija and Styria Media si.

News Showcase gives participating publishers in Slovenia more ways to engage with readers by giving them a way to curate their news through different panels that appear on Google News and Discover. These panels, which direct readers to the full articles on publishers’ websites, provide news organizations with the ability to give readers daily snapshots of what they think is important, provide more context into important news stories, and add related articles, timelines and more.

The panels also give news publishers more direct control of their presentation and branding, helping them be more visible to their dedicated readers and to those who are just discovering them. Our Slovenian news partners’ News Showcase panels will start appearing today on Google News on Android, iOS and the web, and in Discover on iOS and Android.

This GIF shows a variety of News Showcase panels, with headlines and images, of news from organizations in Slovenia.

An example of how News Showcase will look with some of our partners in Slovenia.

As part of our licensing agreements with publishers for News Showcase, we're also paying participating news organizations to give readers access to a limited amount of their paywalled content. This feature means readers can see more articles than they would otherwise be able to and potentially subscribe.

“Media house Delo is a leading Slovenian content creator with renowned and trusted Slovenian media brands, recognized for reliable, high-quality, and professional journalism,” says Nataša Luša, general manager of Delo d.o.o, a national daily in Slovenia. “Google News Showcase is a model example of how Google understands and values the importance of quality news today and supports professional media creators and publishers. Delo participates in the product with the belief that through the cooperation with Google we will reach new readers who otherwise wouldn't consume our content. We are optimistic that together we will achieve more for the empowerment of the Slovenian and wider public."

"We are glad to be a part of the product launch in Slovenia and proud to be, with žurnal24, one of the news outlets to deliver quality content for News Showcase. Partnership with Google will provide faster and more convenient access to information, quality and independent journalism. This is the first partnership of global technology leaders and local media in the Slovenian market. This is the future,”says Matej Košir, editor in chief and chief technology officer of Styria Media si, a Slovenian online newspaper.

This image shows six different News Showcase panels from news publishers in Slovenia. The different panels show a photo and important stories that the publishers have chosen.

An example of how News Showcase panels will look with some of our partners in Slovenia.

" is, according to independent measurements, among the top Slovenian digital media and Google News Showcase will provide an additional entry point for all our current and future readers,” says Srdjan Cvjetović, M. Sc, science and technology editor at “We are proud that Google has identified us as one of the trustworthy media outlets for Slovenia on News Showcase and we look forward to continuing our cooperation that will be rewarding to both parties and all our readers."

"We are delighted to be included in Google News Showcase with other recognizable media,” says Jure Gostiša, head of digital development of Časnik Finance, the first and only finance business daily in Slovenia. “From the collaboration with News Showcase, we are looking forward to reaching and engaging readers interested in reliable business news. Our premium content will be accessible to the general public through Google. This will strengthen the position of in the media market in Slovenia."

"Our partnership with Google for News Showcase confirms the important role STA plays in the Slovenian media market and the quality of our content,” says Aljoša Rehar, editor-in-chief of STA. “We’re looking forward to using News Showcase to highlight our credible and up-to-the-minute news, helping us reach the general public and allow us to perform our core mission of helping people understand current events even more successfully.”

Since we launched News Showcase in October 2020, we’ve signed deals with more than 2,000 news publications around the world and have launched the product in 21 countries, including Germany, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czechia, Italy, Romania, Poland and now Slovenia, bringing more in-depth, essential news coverage to Google News and Discover readers.

Google News Showcase is one of the many ways we invest in journalism. We help publishers accelerate their digital journey through traffic generation (Search, Google News, Discover), through ads and subscription products, and by supporting news innovation and digital training through the Google News Initiative. We’re proud to promote quality journalism and support a thriving and diverse news industry.

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