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Hands-free photos, SpO2 and more for the Pixel family

Image showing Pixel phones with the words "Pixel Feature Drop June 2023"

Our latest Feature Drop is here, and it’s jam-packed with helpful tools and updates for your Pixel Phone, Pixel Watch, and Fitbit devices. These begin rolling out to devices today and will continue over the next few weeks.

For Pixel Phones

Peace of mind from Google Assistant

Use your voice to ask Google Assistant on your Pixel phone to start emergency sharing or to schedule a safety check for some extra peace of mind. If you’re out for a night run, just say, “Hey Google, start a safety check for 30 minutes.” If you don’t respond to your safety check in the set duration, your emergency contacts will be notified and your real-time location will be shared.

Added safety on the road

Car crash detection on Pixel has helped keep drivers safe since launching in 2019, and now it can even keep loved ones in the loop if you’ve been in a severe crash. In addition to contacting emergency services, it can share your real-time location and call status with your emergency contacts.1

Two side-by-side images of Pixel phones showing various new safety check and car crash detection features on each of their screens.

Stunning videos, down to the smallest detail

Pixel 7 Pro’s Macro Focus is now available for video, so you can create larger-than-life videos of the smallest details, like butterflies fluttering or flowers waving in the wind.2

A Pixel device showing Macro Focus for video on Pixel 7 Pro; the phone’s screen shows a close-up of a turtle’s shell while using the Macro Focus video mode.

Easier hands-free photos

Pixel 6 and newer phones will now let you take self-timed photos by simply raising your palm to trigger the timer after setting it for 3 or 10 seconds.

A Pixel device showing the Palm Timer feature. A person is holding up their hand and the phone is detecting it.

Express yourself with wallpapers that wow

Now on Pixel 6 and newer phones, you can bring your favorite memories of friends and family to life with Pixel’s new cinematic wallpapers. Pixel uses AI to transform your 2D wallpaper photos into dynamic 3D scenes for a truly magical look. And with new emoji wallpapers, you can also mix and match over 4,000 emoji with different patterns and colors to create live wallpapers that fit your personality and mood.

  • An image of a Pixel phone showing new cinematic wallpaper on its screen.
  • An image of a Pixel phone showing new emoji wallpapers on its screen.
  • An image of a Pixel phone showing new emoji wallpapers on its screen.

Recorder speaker labels are even better

Recorder makes transcribing recordings a breeze with speaker labels. Starting next week, users with Pixel 6 and newer phones will be able to export transcripts into Google Docs, generate speaker-labeled video clips and search for speakers within recordings.

An image of the Recorder app on a Pixel phone.

Quick access to smart home controls

Quickly access your favorite smart home devices right from your Pixel lock screen when using the Google Home app. Use the redesigned home panel to turn off lights, adjust the temperature, see your cameras and more.3

An image of a Pixel phone showing the redesigned home panel in the Google Home app.

Smarter haptics

For Pixel 6a and Pixel 7a, Pixel’s adaptive haptics can now lower its vibration intensity when it detects that it’s on a hard, flat surface like a desk or table.

Charging that adapts to your habits

Adaptive Charging now uses Google AI to help extend the lifespan of your Pixel battery. When you plug in your phone, it can predict a long charging session based on your previous charging habits, and slowly charge to 100% one hour before it’s expected to be unplugged.4

New Google Assistant voices

Google Assistant now sounds more natural and relatable to even more users with two new options to add to our diverse array of voices, totaling 12 in U.S. English.

For Pixel Watches

Monitor your health with SpO2

Pixel Watch will now be able to check your oxygen saturation (SpO2) and help you identify changes in the level of oxygen in your blood while you’re sleeping, which could impact the quality of your sleep. Plus, tracking your SpO2 trends over time may help you spot any changes associated with your activity, altitude, and overall wellness.5

An image of the oxygen saturation feature on a Pixel Watch.

Keep a close eye on your heart rate

Pixel Watch continuously tracks your heart rate all day and night. Now, it will be able to send you a notification if your heart rate is unusually high or low, as it could be an indicator of your overall health and any potential issues on the horizon.5

An image of heart rate notifications on a Pixel Watch.

Google Assistant in more languages

Google Assistant6 is available for Wear OS in new languages and locales, so you'll be able to get help in Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish and Spanish.

Spotify on your wrist

Quickly kick off a Spotify DJ session, listen to podcasts and check out what’s in your heavy rotation right from your wrist with three new tiles.

Auto-Pause your run

Pixel Watch will automatically pause your run, walk or bike exercise If you need to stop at a light or take a quick breather – and automatically resume tracking your workout once you start again.

Elevate your Pixel Watch accessories

Resembling timeless watches for a refined look, our new Metal Links bands for Pixel Watch have soft curves and crisp lines to elevate your style. You can also easily add or remove links with the included sizing tool. Available starting June 16 online and in Google retail stores, you can choose from two colors — Brushed Silver or Matte Black.

A flatlay lineup of Pixel Watch bands, including the new Metal Links band.
  • A carousel of images showing new clock faces and tiles.
  • A carousel of images showing new clock faces and tiles.
  • A carousel of images showing new clock faces and tiles.
  • A carousel of images showing new clock faces and tiles.
  • A carousel of new clock faces and tiles.

For Fitbit Devices

Health & Fitness Upgrades

Your Exercise menu will feature a full list of exercise modes to choose from, with your most recent workout modes at the top — all without having to open the Fitbit mobile app to adjust the list manually. (Available on Charge 5, Luxe and Inspire 3)

Daily Readiness7 in a glance

Easily check your Daily Readiness Score so you know if your body is ready to tackle a workout or needs to prioritize rest. (Available on all Fitbit smartwatches and trackers)

New menstrual health tile

Log periods, view your cycle state and edit information without even opening your phone. (Available on Sense 2 and Versa 4)

Notifications in more languages

With new support for global characters and right-to-left text, you can read incoming notifications in more languages. Get texts in Hindi, read caller ID in Arabic, view calendar events in Vietnamese and more. (Available on Sense 2 and Versa 4, Charge 5, Luxe and Inspire 3.)

Switch clock styles

Changing your clock face on your Fitbit smartwatch is as simple as a long press on the home screen. Pick your favorite for some new motivation. (Available on Sense 2 and Versa 4.)

Say hi to four new clock faces!

Switch yours up in the Fitbit app gallery whenever you’re ready for a change. Choose from sleek and stylish to sporty designs packed with health stats to see all your progress with a simple glance. We’re also bringing one of our favorite Charge 5 clock faces to Luxe and Inspire 3. (Available on Charge 5, Luxe and Inspire 3.)

More Information


Car crash detection is not available in all languages or countries and may not detect all accidents. High-impact activities may trigger calls to emergency services. Personal Safety app features, including car crash detection, are dependent upon network connectivity and other factors and may not be reliable for emergency communications or available in all areas. For more information, see and


Pixel 7 Pro only. Not available for all camera apps or modes.


Not available in all languages or countries Requires compatible smart home devices (sold separately), and Google Home app.


Adaptive charging needs several days to learn your charging habits. The feature may not activate if your charging habits vary widely.


Not available in all markets. Not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition or for any other medical purpose. Intended to help you manage your well-being and keep track of your information. Requires more frequent charging. Some features may require a Fitbit account and mobile app.


Requires internet connection. Google Assistant is not available in certain countries and languages. See for updates to language availability.


Daily Readiness Score requires a Fitbit Premium membership.

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