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Get outside and smell the flowers with #teampixel

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Whether you’re into mountain landscapes or city skyscrapers, Pixel photographers take you out on some incredible adventures this week. Sit back, relax, and let #teampixel transport you to a blue paradise, a reflective lake, and even an underwater swim with jellyfish.

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    Left: @Solacekiss : Tell these flowers we say hi-acinth. Right: @Natureandmylens : These plants are wanted dead or alive.

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    @nathankyleallen : We didn’t know it was possible to have the blues on the Amalfi Coast

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    @adriaannnn : We wanna go to Lake Wanaka

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    Left: @Edeningoff : We don’t think you’re ready for this jelly. Right: @ericbrecht : Can you guess where this Tai-mazing building is?

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    @Gilixp : These snow-capped mountains must be hard to get over

The next time you're on an outdoor adventure, tag your Pixel photos with #teampixel and you might be featured on @google or The Keyword.

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