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It’s about to glow down ... with #teampixel

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This week, #teampixel took a shot in the dark (with the help of HDR+ which makes Pixel cameras really good at capturing photos in low light). Check out our after-dark series that range from neon signs with silly sayings to vibrant splashes of color that light up the night, all captured by our community of photographers, #teampixel.

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    Light fixtures in Istanbul, Turkey by @mustafamalik and neon reflections in Times Square, NYC by @hadenvr.
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    Shades and silhouettes in London by @_insearchofexpression and finding the rights moves at a local watering hole in Sydney by @gemilf.
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    Along for the ride at Lumiere London light festival with @ricky_rahrah and inspirational reminders in Melbourne, Australia by @pagejakob.
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    All glowed up in San Francisco, CA by @kkdlam and facing the light in Toronto, Canada with @mmere.dane.

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