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#teampixel community member Austin Cameron is living for the city

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Happy New Year, Team Pixel! There are so many picture-worthy moments ahead. Helping us get started on 2018 photography is Pixel enthusiast and photographer @ustincameron. He’s a regular #teampixel contributor who’s working through a personal goal of shooting a photo a day for 1,000 days—with more than 700 already under his belt!   

He has a talent for shooting in low light, so we reached out to get some tips and find out more about his approach to shooting the nation's most popular cities.

“Cityscapes are a fun challenge,” Austin says. “For most people, the skyline is already iconic, so I like to try and make them do a double take by showcasing it from an entirely different perspective than previously recognized.”

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    New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA

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    Louisville, KY; Chicago, IL

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    Chicago, IL; New York, NY

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    San Francisco, CA

@ustincameron’s tips for shooting in low light situations:

  • Do your best to prevent light pollution from entering your frame.
  • Make sure to set the focus on dark areas with details you want to bring out.
  • Don’t be scared to lay on the ground for the perfect shot!

Keep tagging your photos with #teampixel and you might be featured next.

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