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Finding a niche in holistic living

ArticlWearing a black dress and seated at a wooden table in a tropical setting, wellness blogger Andi Eaton writes in a notebook. e's hero media

Every morning at 7 a.m, you’ll find Andi Eaton on her meditation cushion to center herself and get the creative juices flowing. She spends her days creating content on holistic living, wellness and mystical thinking for her Oui, We girl blog and social media accounts. She also leads classes on “the art of lunar living,” writes books, and produces her podcast, where she offers “a mix of cosmic ideas and practical, actionable advice.”

Pandemic-weary people are seeking ways to de-stress and reconnect with themselves, and each other. Andi, “your woo woo best friend,” has created an online community for kindred souls to do just that. A former corporate executive, Andi discovered her niche by following her passion and trusting in herself. Now her blog attracts more than 500K readers a month, and Andi is a full-time content creator, spiritual coach, speaker, author and business consultant. 

Andi sits at her laptop in her LA home office, wearing a brown-and-white print sundress.

Andi creates the Oui, We girl blog from her home office in Los Angeles.

Taking a cosmic leap

Andi spent the first part of her career in marketing for a beauty products company, managing their spas and salons in New Orleans. In 2014, she switched gears, moving to a small village in Spain where she could walk to a Buddhist temple. “There, everything started to shift for me,” recalls Andi. She had been publishing a blog for women traveling alone and began weaving in elements of astrology. Interest in the blog soared, leading Andi to publish a Bohemian travel guide

Over the next few years, Andi developed her Oui, We blog and brand. Her brand of holistic living and wellness content — mixed with yoga, meditation, astrology, and feel-good, spiritual “woo” — took off. “We grew tenfold in 2019,” she shares. “And that’s how I went from the corporate world to doing a full-time blog.”

Andi wears a pink dress and raises her arms in a field of wildflowers overlooking the ocean, on the cover of her Bohemian travel guidebook.

Andi’s first blog on women’s solo travel led her to publish a Bohemian travel guidebook.

She founded Andi Eaton Creatives, a team of digital marketers who helps her curate blog content, develop digital programming, manage partnerships, and run other aspects of her growing business. 

Andi chatted with us from her home office in Los Angeles to share a few tips on what it takes to make your own magic and be a successful web creator — no matter woo you are. 

Learn to spot hot content 

Andi follows her heart … and her Google Analytics. She pays close attention to keyword searches and how her site ranks on Google Search. “We were ranking organically on the first page of Google for quite a few different categories,” Andi says. “We thought OK, this is what people are coming to the site for. So let’s create more content like that.” High-ranking blog posts on full moon rituals and North Node Astrology were ripe for additional content creation. “The number one way we get new people to the site is through organic search,” Andi shares. Tapping into these popular topics helps shape Andi’s content strategy. 

Create a content plan 

Andi maps her content ideas on a yearly calendar, paying attention to seasons, holidays and events. 

“We are constantly brainstorming new ways of creating moon-specific posts,” she says. Then, I create social media content on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest that aligns with that. I've also built out courses from that content.” 

People seated in a circle on a red print carpet around Tarot cards and crystals.

Andi’s blog posts on full moon rituals are among her most popular.

Get to know SEO 

“If you want to make money doing this, you need people coming to your website,” Andi notes. “So you're going to need to learn SEO [search engine optimization]. We can write really beautiful posts and with beautiful photos, but if nobody's showing up, you don't have a business. There are great SEO tools and resources out there.” Andi also encourages website visitors to sign up for her email newsletter with a free “8-Step Guide to Manifestation Magic.” “We’re getting about 1,500 new subscribers each month with that freebie alone.”
Andi wears a flowy peach top and skirt in a photo for her spirituality and empowerment podcast, “Your Woo Woo Best Friend.”

On her podcast, "Your Woo Woo Best Friend," Andi shares her approach to spirituality and tips for living a more empowered life. 

Nurture your creative self

Most importantly, Andi says to be clear about your values and what you want to do with your web presence. “Find your people and every day, do something for yourself that grows your self worth and confidence.” Beware of the inner critic that leads to “imposter syndrome” in so many creators, particularly women, Andi says. “Because that's the stuff that will take you down and off the path — if you don't stay in a place of belief that this is possible.”
Andi wears a two-piece leopard-print swimsuit as she leaps into a green pool of water

“Soul strategist” Andi Eaton took the plunge into full-time content creation (pictured here in Tulum, Mexico).

Learn more from Andi about “Finding success through authenticity as a web creator.” And check out more of her Creator Insights videos on the Google Web Creators YouTube channel.

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