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How to keep content coming

Image of four creators
Kevin, Mata, Rigel & Tiffany

As writers, photographers, and artists, we have so much to do, but limited time to get it all done. With people online around the world and around the clock, there is pressure to turn out content frequently and across a growing number of platforms. So how can you keep up? Four creators we spoke to share their tips for optimizing the time you spend creating content so you can keep it coming — and keep it fun — while staying efficient and organized.

Block time on your calendar

It can be difficult to find the time every day to write a posts and promote them across channels. One strategy is to pick a routine time to create content and stick with it. Musician, entertainer, and lifestyle blogger Rigel Gemini recommends producing content on a weekly basis for at least one channel and keeping it fun. “If content becomes a chore or becomes too much work, you will start to dread it. So just figure out something that you can write about or photograph or talk about every week and dive in,” Rigel says.

photo of Rigel Gemini

Rigel Gemini is a musician and fashion fanatic who writes about art and culture for his blog.

Play to your strengths

Mata Leiataua writes about faith, fashion and decoration on The Mata Mix. “The truth is,” she says, “despite how it may look scrolling through your feed, no one feels inspired to create content 24/7.” Her advice is identifying your strengths and the “pillars you want to uphold fundamentally throughout your content.” She recommends asking yourself, “is your content in the moment or stylized? Do you prioritize your aesthetic or copywriting?” Once you understand your style, it becomes easier to know where to allot your time.

photo of Mata Leiataua

Mata Leiataua is a fashion expert who shares her favorite luxury, budget and thrifted finds.

Create in batches

You don’t bake one cookie at a time. Why would you take only one photo? Tiffany Williams writes about glitz and glam, beauty and wellness, and life off the runway and behind the scenes. “Batch create if you can,” she says. “Creating in real time can be a lot, so creating a ton of content ahead of time helps. That way you always have something new to post,” even when you don’t have the time. 

Tiffany Williams in a black and white dress

Tiffany Williams is the San Diego-based model behind the fashion and lifestyle blog, Glitz and Glam by Tiff.

Reduce, Rework and Repurpose your content

It’s important to “respect the attention span of your audience on all platforms,” says professional gardener, blogger, YouTuber and podcaster Kevin Espiritu. “The same person, on different platforms, is in a different state of mind and requires different presentation of the same content.” So make the most of your content by adapting it for different forms. A blog post can become a video, a video can become a Web Story and images can be reused on your blog.   

photo of Kevin Espiritu

Former professional poker player, Kevin Espiritu, now spends his time online sharing gardening tips and tools.

Prioritize value over quality

According to Rigel, one of the tallest hurdles before beginning is the fear of failure. “Don't make it hard on yourself by overthinking it or setting such a high standard that you don't get started. Your content will get better over time,” he says, “That’s the only way.” Kevin Espiritu adds, “Focus on the value you offer your readers. People will read a post that has an eye-catching image, but more importantly, people will return to your knowledge and expertise.

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