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Improve your content with Search Console Insights

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Whether your goal is to grow your business and brand, raise awareness for a cause or help people achieve their own goals, an effective way to get it done is to produce great content. Great content comes in many shapes and forms, such as an inspiring blog post, a helpful guide or a fun questionnaire. No matter the format, creating content takes effort and dedication, and you must be highly attentive to what your audiences appreciate. 

To help you better understand which pieces of content resonate with your audiences, we are introducing a new experience called Search Console Insights. This experience joins data from both Search Console and Google Analytics, making it easier to understand your content’s performance. Whether you are a web content creator, a blogger or a website owner, and no matter your level of technical expertise, Search Console Insights can provide you with an overview of how your content is performing. This new experience will gradually be rolled out to all Search Console users in the upcoming days.
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Here are some sample questions that this experience will help you answer:

  • What is your best performing content, and which pieces of content are trending?

  • How are your new pieces of content performing?

  • How do people discover your content across the web?

  • What do people search for on Google before they visit your content?

  • Which article refers users to your website and content?

There are a few ways to access Search Console Insights:

  • Select “Search Console Insights” from the top of Search Console’s Overview page.

  • Use this link to access it directly and save a bookmark (you can always search for “search console insights” on Google and visit our site.)

  • Coming soon:  In the iOS Google App, select “Search Console Insights” in the account menu (tap your profile picture). We are working to also add Android Google App support. 

image showing Search Console Insights entry point

Even if you don't use Google Analytics, you can still use Search Console Insights. However, to get the full experience and the best insights about your content, we recommend associating (linking) your Google Analytics property with your relevant Search Console property. Please note that for now, Search Console Insights only supports Google Analytics Universal Analytics properties, but we’re working to support  Google Analytics 4.

We care about the content ecosystem, and we appreciate the web creator community that makes the web interesting and useful for so many people. We hope that with time, Search Console Insights will help creators improve and achieve their goals. 

Watch our Search Console Insights intro video below to see the tool in action.

Intro video for Search Console Insights

As always, if you have feedback or questions, you can reach us via one of our Search support channels and at @WebCreators on Twitter@GoogleWebCreators on Instagram or on the Google Web Creators YouTube channel.

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