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Helping to build a future-ready Indonesia

Nine people standing on a stage and smiling. The wall behind them reads "Google for INDONESIA"

At our seventh Google for Indonesia this year, we were pleased to host many of our partners from the government, public and private sectors. Throughout the day, we discussed how we are working to build a future-ready Indonesia together.

Here are the four main areas:

Providing accurate information to Indonesians everywhere

We’re providing USD $1.2 million in funding to CekFakta, a fact-checking consortium of 24 news organizations, and the GNI Indonesia Training Network to help prepare more editors, journalists and fact-checkers for what’s to come.

And, we announced plans to collaborate with the Jakarta-based Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), to develop the Safer Internet Lab. This lab will conduct research around misinformation, particularly how to increase awareness around issues before they develop into bigger problems. With this research, we hope to create solutions for policymakers and fact-checkers to maintain better public trust— particularly ahead of the 2024 elections.

Helping more Indonesians learn digital skills

In our efforts to help Indonesians learn the digital skills needed to find opportunities in the tech industry, we launched the Bangkit Academy program three years ago. This program, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (under the Merdeka Campus program), GoTo, Traveloka, DeepTech, and several universities, is an industry training program specifically for university students.

For the Class of 2023, we’re tripling our numbers from last year by accepting 9,000 students. So far, the program has had more than 5,000 graduates with skills in machine learning, mobile development and cloud computing.

Addressing Indonesia’s sustainability challenges

We signed a non-commercial agreement with the Jakarta Transportation Agency to work together to reduce air pollution in Jakarta caused mainly by traffic congestion. As part of Project Green Light, Google’s teams will conduct research and provide recommendations to the Jakarta government to optimize traffic light timings and reduce traffic jams. Using AI, we hope this initiative will reduce emissions and improve air quality in the congested capital.

Supporting Indonesia’s creator ecosystem

YouTube is home to thousands of entrepreneurs who create businesses and jobs across Indonesia. This creative ecosystem has contributed US$525 million to Indonesia's GDP and more than 200,000 full-time-equivalent jobs for local people. It’s all outlined in the report we released, put together by Oxford Economics. It’s been wonderful to see the tangible impact of initiatives like Akademi Edukreator, a content creator training program we established in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Culture— not only in supporting creators, but also in creating economic opportunities and attracting global recognition.

To read through our complete list of announcements, please check out our multimedia press site.

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