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Ready to play? New games on your Smart Display

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The holiday season is here and hopefully that means you’ll get a chance to relax. If you find yourself with some down time, check out the latest collection of games for Smart Displays. 

Just say, “Hey Google, let’s play a game” and Google Assistant will present you a collection of puzzles, word games, and even virtual pets. Here are some of the titles we’ve recently added:  

Calling all wordsmiths

I’ve always enjoyed crossword puzzles but have limited time to play, so I usually play Horizontal Crosswords, a fast-paced game that gives you fresh puzzles every day. You’ll see a series of clues and need to speak your answer before time runs out. There’s also Game of Words from Stoked Skills, in which you’ll be given six letters and need to use them to assemble as many words as possible. The longer the word, the more points you get. You can even compete against other players around the world and move up the ranks as you win.

If you’re more into fantasy-themed games, try Voice Quest from Doppio Games. You play a mage who uses synonyms to power spells and your voice to cast magic and defeat your enemies. Another adventure game is Power of Words from Just AI. Your mission is to save peaceful warriors from evil trolls and you battle monsters by guessing hidden words.

Looking forward, Zynga’s upcoming release Daily Word Wheel challenges you to solve crossword puzzles by unscrambling letters. As you play, your progress is saved so you can take a break and pick up where you left the game. . 

Solve challenging puzzles 

From Cool Games, the makers of Guess the Drawing, comes Daily Brain Trainer. Keep your mind sharp with quick daily puzzles that test your memory, reaction times, and pattern matching skills. Success unlocks even more difficult puzzles and you can compare your results to other players and track your performance as you improve. 

Soon you’ll also be able to try Brainwash Puzzle. Ready yourself as the countdown begins and a series of pictures flash past on the monitor. Find the common theme as quickly as you can to advance to the next session. 

New experiences for kids and families

You can also grab some time with an adorable digital critter. In My Smart Pet, your adventure leads you to a virtual pet that grows to understand you the more you talk to it. And since visiting an aquarium might be tough right now, you’ll soon be able to enjoy your own virtual aquarium with Hey Fish. Customize your fish bowl and take special care of its inhabitants. Also coming soon, you’ll even be able to choose Hello Kitty as a virtual companion. Help her choose where she should go and who she should meet. 

For some extra fun during reading time you can now say: “Hey Google, tell me a Shimmer and Shine Story” and hear content from the popular Nickelodeon series. Or, you can just say: “Hey Google, tell me a bedtime story” to see a selection of stories that’ll help you get some rest. There are even more educational songs, books, and videos just waiting for you to say: “Hey Google, Talk to ABCmouse.” (With a parent's permission, children under 13, or the applicable age in their country, can have a personalized Google Assistant experience and access these games designed for kids and families, powered by Family Link.) 

Discover more, more easily

We’ve redesigned the Games lobby on your Smart Display to highlight Featured Games, top-ranked games, and your recently played games so it’s easy to find your favorites again. You’ll also see cards and tiles on your Smart Display that launch great games with a single touch. Of course, you can always say: “Hey Google, play a game” and we’ll be here for your entertainment needs—through the holiday season and into the new year.

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