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Oct 15, 2019 · 12 articles 15 Oct, 2019
articles 12
Oct 15, 2019 12 articles 15 Oct, 2019
articles 12

Smartphones and other mobile computing devices have changed the world, giving you access to technology almost anywhere you go. It’s been super useful to have a powerful computer everywhere you are.

We think technology can be even more useful when computing is anywhere you need it, always available to help you. Your devices fade into the background, working together with AI and software to assist you throughout your day. We call this ambient computing.  

This year's Made by Google products are designed to help you in your everyday, without intruding on your life. They’re designed with privacy at the core: To ensure that your privacy is protected, we've given you tools to stay in control, and keep your most sensitive data on the device. Finally, to do our part to leave the planet a better place, we’ve also designed our products with sustainability in mind. We've used recycled materials, and we're making our shipping carbon neutral.

Pixel 4, Pixel Buds, Pixelbook Go, Nest Mini and Nest Wifi are part of our vision to create a consistent, helpful Google for you. We hope you like them.

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